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I come in here regularly almost every other day every week. Today I came in to buy a pack of Dutch cigars. When I opened the pack I learned that one (comes with 2) had a giant hole with a stem of leaf poking it and it was super dry. The other one was dry and falling apart. I went back in and politely said "...hello I was wondering if I could please get this switched out because they aren't good one has a hole and the other is falling apart.." the worker shouted ".. I DONT CARE.." and then asked "What do we got here?" So I went to pull them out to show him and he shouted ".. I don't care! Which one is it let me see!" He grabbed it off my hands and he went to grab a new one. He got the new pack and THREW it at me. It FLEW in the air. It wasn't a light toss on to the counter. He threw IT in the air from AFAR. Worker was irritated and gave me terrible service. The new pack was ALSO dry. I ended up having to throw them away. No way I was going back I'm never coming back at all. ~Karen

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EM ExtraMile

On 7/18/2018, I encountered Brian, the store attendant. This young man, very likely a recent recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in a social science, exhibited his displeasure at working in a position well below his vaunted abilities by taking out his frustration on me, a paying customer. In a series of verbal castigation directed at my inquires to obtain a tobacco product, he came across as obdurate and confrontational. Because he was neatly dressed and well groomed, I rated this store 2 stars, rather than the 0 of my first impression. ~Tamerlain

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Chase Bank

Tried to no avail to convert an existing account at another bank into a trust account. Tried for two months and was unsuccessful. A coworker recommended Chase and Chase was able to get it accomplished in two business days! Thank you for your help, especially Charlene! You can tell she goes above and beyond to take care of her customers. ~Amanda

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