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I come in here regularly almost every other day every week. Today I came in to buy a pack of Dutch cigars. When I opened the pack I learned that one (comes with 2) had a giant hole with a stem of leaf poking it and it was super dry. The other one was dry and falling apart. I went back in and politely said "...hello I was wondering if I could please get this switched out because they aren't good one has a hole and the other is falling apart.." the worker shouted ".. I DONT CARE.." and then asked "What do we got here?" So I went to pull them out to show him and he shouted ".. I don't care! Which one is it let me see!" He grabbed it off my hands and he went to grab a new one. He got the new pack and THREW it at me. It FLEW in the air. It wasn't a light toss on to the counter. He threw IT in the air from AFAR. Worker was irritated and gave me terrible service. The new pack was ALSO dry. I ended up having to throw them away. No way I was going back I'm never coming back at all. ~Karen

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