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Dollar General

Absolutely love coming to this store Now and please note that I said Now. The new management and staff are great. And it's really refreshing to see people of color in there 💯💯💯. There all very curtious and nice. And they seem to have gotten all of the weeds out thank God whhewww! And the store isn't as cluttered and dirty like it use to be. Keep up the great work guys; I'm glad you are here! 🖤👑👑👑👑 ~Ashley

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We've been here a couple times close to where my son is has physical therapy. The latest time they messed up on his drink giving him a vanilla shake rather than the strawberry smoothie that he had ordered. And his cheeseburgers had a pound of pickles on 'em. But generally they are super friendly and we will be back at least when he has late night physical therapy. ~Brandon

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