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Pretty slow service for having one car ahead of us but with staffing probably an issue I'm okay with that. The woman who took our order on the speaker was pleasant but not the girl at the window who was not friendly at all. I'm not even sure she said anything to us. Looked pretty dingy and dirty inside too. I def won't be returning. ~Ali

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So at 930 this morning I stopped by for a Chia Tea Latte with Soy…the guy pulled out the 2% milk and poured it in the cup to heat. I reminded him it was Soy. No big deal until he carefully pulled the the milk back into the milk jug. I’m all about not wasting but I’m more concerned about contamination. ~Patty

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Terrible customer service, not helpful at all. I borrow uscell sim from my friend until i buy my own and using it with my phone for a week to check the service and when I came to uscell office in Burnsville to buy my own sim they said my phone is not comparable with their sim, they can see it via IMEI. But I know my phone works with their sim just well. After that no options from them, nothing to help the customer, except good buy. Hopefully the management read the reviews and will pay attention to improve the attitude of the workers to customers. ~Rita

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Citgo Gas Station

I read in the news today that this gas station lowered their prices to $2.25 from roughly $4.50 it is some the country. They did this to support their community. They were able to do it for about 5 hours. I am so grateful for generosity like this. It restores one's faith in humanity. I want to thank the owners of this station. If I am ever in the area I will absolutely be visiting. ~Carla

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PNC Bank

I have been with this bank over 3 years, the staff is always so friendly and helpful. Dokata has helped me with all my questions and makes sure my needs are met as a customer. Friendly staff and very informal. Also misty peirce has been very helpful over the years! You guys rock!! ~Summer

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