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Kangaroo Express

Thursday night 10/22/2015 I stopped in to fill up on gas and make an in store purchase. The cash register attendant was more enthusiastic about fraternizing with a young man and young lady than assisting customers. There were 2 customers ahead of me and the time it took for me to be assisted exceeded 10 minutes. When she rang my item up she decided to stop the transaction to perform a money drop. As a side note: The customer infusion was at a rate of 3 new customers per one she tended. She then requested to see my item again for a second scan, after doing so, she meandered on the register and asked me a third time for the item for scanning purposes. In my frustration, I stated: How many times do you need to scan this one item? She said: " AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES. I HAD TO DO A DROP!" I informed her that the time taken was excessive and she said: " We will take as long as it needs!" I said: " I don't have to, I can leave. " She proceeded to chastise me vigorously! I lost my temper and told her to just finish the transaction and give me my change. She then, in turn started slamming my change on the counter one coin at a time. I used some explicatives and told her: " You sure showed me!" As I turned to leave, she threw a coin at my back and yelled to get out of her store and don't come back!!! No worries there! I will not be back as long as she is employed there!!! She needs training in personal hygiene and customer interaction! ~Reggie

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atm bank or atm gas station

Dollar Tree

I have always liked this store. Tonight I watched a cashier yell at a customer and be incredibly rude to her for no reason. The customer asked a question and the cashier just went off! I stopped the cashier and basically asked the same question and the cashier said, "yes ma'am, I will be able to help you." The only difference between me and the other customer was that she was young and black, and I'm old and white. I was absolutely shocked! Needless to say, I left without buying anything. I will not spend my money at a store that condones such behavior. That cashier should be fired! I did not get her name, but she has a tattoo that looked like a dreamcatcher half way up her left forearm. Please don't support this store. ~Laurie

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