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Murphy USA

This place has the nicest people working there of anywhere I've been in a long long ti.e and I remember a time when customers were valued by all store owners. Unfortunately this not the way it is today. However today one.of the nicest things happened to me today. Tierra the cashier / employee of Murphy's really made my day not only by her great personality and pretty smile welcomed me with a very nice opening greeting blessed me with a life saving gesture. Murphys shouldbthruve to have more employees like this amd.if they did they would rule the industry and could definitely put a lot of these other business out of business out of business. If anyone from Murphus reads these reviews THAT YOUNG LADY WILL MAKE YOUR ATORE A WINNER!! I COULD ONLY HOPE THAT YOU WILL COMPANSATED FOR HER PERSONALITY ALONE BUT HER EFFORTS TO SHARE HER ENCOURAGING SPIRIT AND PERSONALITY SHOULD RESULT IN A REWARD OF SOME SORT!! THANK YOU TIEARRA AND THANK YOU FOR HAVING EMPLOYEES THAT HAVE GREAT PERSONALITIED AND CARING ATTITIDES ~Be-Rad

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gas station convenience store