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Rowland Tire Services

Wife’s car got a flat and she had no spare. Very nice tow driver took the tire off and drove me to this shop for a new tire. Owner had his boy put on a new tire. $110 for a tire that would’ve been $75 anywhere else but we were stuck. Less than 250 miles later the tire gave out due to structural weakness in side wall. After speaking to owner I left the tire at the front door over night as they were already closed and we were just passing through. Owner called the next day to tell me the manufacturer wouldn’t give him his money back because the tire had been driven on flat. It had not. I told him I wasn’t concerned if he could get his money back from the manufacturer only about getting my money back from him as he is the one who sold me the faulty tire. He sat silent for a moment, then told me he’d look at it one more time and call me right back. Never heard from him again. ~seanypatric

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