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Walmart in Philadelphia (9745 Roosevelt Blvd Ste A, PA 19114)

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Shop your local Walmart for a wide selection of items in electronics, home furniture & appliances, toys, clothing, baby gear, video games, and more - helping you save money and live better.

Walmart is located in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania state) on the street of 9745 Roosevelt Blvd Ste A. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +12156980350. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Walmart quickly are 40.083003, -75.022598. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Walmart.

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Are the opening hours of Walmart up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Walmart is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Walmart listed in? How is Walmart rated? What is the address of Walmart? How to Get in Touch With Walmart?

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They sold me five month old coffee clearly they don’t keep up with inventory I could understand a couple days old it still shouldn’t happen but months I’m glad I looked at it before drinking it . They need to do better with inventory that’s unsafe someone could have got sick. I’ll shop at another Walmart at least I’ll get fresh products not expired.



08.21.22 in the morning i wash my car in Hollywood . I said the tires to be shine. Paid for the service. The cost of $23.95 , I'm payd the with credit card $24.50. In the morning my tires faded to light brown. I call Hollywood, they tell me this can't be. Here is the result of the tires of the Lexus-22.



As in every Walmart on the face of this here planet we call Earth, it was as busy as beehive. There was a lot of associates to help you if you needed assistance and they were knowledgeable about where most items were located. Another plus was that there cashiers available to ring you up, because I don't really like using the self checkout all of the time.



After I landed in Philadelphia I noticed my tire had lost air due to a nail in it. I called this walmart to see if it was able to get fixed since I had the tire protection. Well on my way there the nail went completely through and I was stuck on the side of the road. Long story short I got to walmart with 10 minutes to spare and they plugged my tire by staying later than they needed to. Although I couldn't use the tire because of the bubble it was the thoughtfulness of the auto care workers that let me know there were still good people around. I'll get my tire repaired after it's ordered since they didn't have any on stock once they notice the bubble. If you ever purchased their tires please get the tire protect, it may save you a few hundred.



I didn't see anywhere to leave a review on the actual Walmart site or app of the service provided by the curbside staff but just wanted to let everyone know that every time I place a curbside order, that staff is amazing. They are efficient, personable and friendly, every single time even though it's easy to see they've been working very hard. This particular store is not my favorite to shop *inside*, but I LOVE the curbside staff.



majority of the time poor customer service and empty shelves when it comes to the things i need . a few times I did pick up service and actually was shocked the guy was so nice. overall usually a longer than expected wait for curbside than other stores like target



If they held competitions for the absolute worst Walmart this would take 1st all day every day. Want a pack of medium shirts? Nope. Never. Literally never in stock. Want some help from staff? Be prepared to feel like you asked them for money out of their own pocket. Want to be followed around the store and made feel like a shop lifter? This is your place. If I could give a zero star I would.



They have everything. Hard to go in and only get what u wanted with out getting more. I like the clothes. Fishing stuff outdoor stuff. Plus they carry Bose speakers. Nice. Petty smooth store.



I made an appointment for 12pm I arrived at 1130 to get my tires changed at the auto center, there is only one other car in the garage and multiple mechanics. And they’re just talking , My car did not enter the garage until 1:15pm and am still waiting and it’s 2pm this is just wrong.. I would have changed them myself if I knew better.



This is your typical Walmart. They sell what you’d expect them to sell. But that doesn’t mean it’s in stock. The store is big and there is disorganization in some areas. Other areas are better organized. For the most part the store is clean. Avoid this place on the weekends, it’s beyond crowded. The staff does their job. If you look you can find someone to help you. Maybe. The parking lot is large. It’s also full of litter. A trash can or five would help. The customer service line is often long and you’ll be waiting.


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