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Always very difficult obtaining rain checks for "frequently" out of stock items. Also, including even store director refusing to refund customer for "frequently" overcharged items nor to resolve complaints of bad service. To the point of store making repeated physical threats against customer life and safety. Also, both stores and pharmacy typically are not friendly to disabled people. So sad situation for mistreated customers. Albertsons doesn't care at all about the customer. ~Joseph

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My nephew absolutely loves Coco melon and since my family loves the cakes at vons we put our order in and boy oh boy did Gloria the baker literally bring his 2nd birthday to life . Thank you Gloria!!! You are so talented and we are so Grateful we had the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful cake . Happy happy ~Nichole

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Got there just as it hit 1am(closing time) and the attendant was cleaning the store. And even though they're was a sign posted, and everything, he still allowed me to get my sandwich. Honestly I hold people like this in the highest regard. He could've easily said sorry we're closed, but he was legit/polite, and went above and beyond by helping me out. Even though he didn't have to. I didn't catch his name but, my man, Thank you so much!!! ~Tim

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**BEWARE OF RUDE TECHNICIAN NAMED KONG**** Was referred to this station for service, the mechanic Kong is terribly rude, kept the car for 2 days, when we arrived to pick it up, he wouldn't show us the bad part he replaced, he wouldn't talk to us about what was wrong, told us to pay our bill and get out. Do not use this facility for service they are terribly rude and unprofessional. ~Karen

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Goodwill of Orange County

The customer service provided by the blonde cashier was very poor and hostile. As the cashier removed the hangers from the clothes she threw them towards me, one of the items hit my five year old in the face. I told the lady that she hit her, she just stared at me & didn’t apologize. I figured she was just having a bad day, she proceeded to tell me to move my rest of the items towards her in a very angry tone. At this point, I asked to get cashed by someone else, I waited for the other brunette cashier. As she cashed me out, I explained to her how rude the other cashier was. I was stunned by her response, she said that she had not seen what occurred and not to get her involved in an angry tone. I told her that I wanted the store to know the other cashiers behavior and she continued to tell me not to involve her. I have never been treated like this, this behavior made my children uncomfortable. This was my first visit here and I will not return as a customer. I tried to rate this post with zero stars, however, that is not an option. ~Mayra

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