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U.S. Bank Branch

Always bad service under staffed and the people working here don't seem to care about how long your wait now about your experience at this branch.After so many bad reviews you figure corporate would take notice but they don't seem to be bother by the performance of this beach either. ~0mr

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I give it 5 starts , but only when I am working There. I work mostly graveyard. Most who gose to the store at night knows me and I can say if you want a great experience at the store, just come to the store when I'm working. Starting Friday night , ending Wednesday morning . I'm sure you will enjoy your visit. ~Joehannes

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convenience store

Diesel Exhaust & Emissions LLC

I called the morning of 8/30/22 and asked if they could diagnose my truck. The woman that answered the phone asked someone and replied that I could drop the truck off, but would most likely be the next day. I arrived there approximately 2 hours later and explained to them my issue. Not only did they immediately pull my codes, they got to work on it. They even stayed over a little to get me out of there the same day. As a one truck operation, this made me very happy, because I can now make that money back. I am positive that if I had taken my truck to a dealer it would have taken a minimum of a week and probably twice the price. Thank you, You have earned a new customer! ~Clinton

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diesel engine repair service

Walmart Supercenter

There’s NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! The person in the photo is so rude and annoying with the customers just because she doesn’t like them she tell the people go to other place because she decided who uses this to do transactions in this place ,,,, so stupid you need to be friends of them to have service in this place 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻… They need training in customer service, also I’m calling to Walmart to let them know about that person who always been with bad attitude….. ~Jp

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NAPA Auto Parts - So Cal Auto & Truck Santa Fe Springs

The guy behind the counter was very knowledgeable about the part that I needed. I brought in a paper from auto zone from a diagnostics from my engine light being on. My part needed to be ordered & to my surprise he said it would be in within an hour!! He was very nice!! ~Rachel

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