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The UPS Store

Highly recommend this UPS store! Mr. Patel & Julian were fantastic! Professional, attentive, dedicated to customer care and friendly! Whenever you need help, UPS is there & the great customer service team at this convenient location. Thank you! ~navigatethecompass

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Went with my friends on a Saturday night, and the place was completely dead. Monday and Wednesday nights seem to be the active days, so whatever. The menu was a stained sheet of paper with a QR code to their online menu and some specials. There was no table service, and the food had to be ordered online before you tell the bartender your order. I've ordered from a QR code menu before, so I was optimistic, while my friends were a little perplexed. We scanned the QR code and that's when everything went wrong. Half of us were able to scour the menu, pick food, and head to the checkout. I managed to put in my card details but the website immediately froze upon processing my orders. The other half were incapable of accessing the online menu at all, the website server refusing to load. Then the site crashed for all of us. We alerted the bartender who was kind enough to take out a pen and paper and do it the old school way, however the lack of paper menu was really baffling to me at this point. Those of us who managed to put in our orders were reassured that the orders hadn't been accepted yet, but a website crashing with our credit card details didn't make us feel any better. But the bartender and another worker assured us the food would be out. We ordered multiple Po Boys, and waited. It was a long wait, but the food was delicious. I got a blackened pork belly po boy on ciabatta bread that was greasy in all the right ways, if a little salty. My friends who ordered shrimp po boys were a little unsatisfied with the size of the shrimps. But we ate, we dined, we paid, and we left. Overall, it was a ... meh? Experience. I wouldn't return again personally, maybe if it was a busy night with live blues shows, but the QR code and lack of table service left a sour taste in my mouth. Also, the restaurant website requested a tip despite there being no table service. In my opinion, if there is no table service, there should be an option to tip the cooks/bartender directly... or no tip at all! I have no idea if those tips are going to the owner or the workers who actually helped us. I can't imagine how the website holds up during inclement weather, older customers who aren't familiar with QR codes, busy crowds with multiple people accessing the site at once, etc. My advice to the owners: replace the QR codes with reusable paper menus, put at least one waiter for table service on slow days if you're gonna ask for tips, and clean your bathrooms. ~Oanh

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