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Rent a center is excellent on working with you on your payments. If you are moving and trying to get back on your feet and your are in need on getting some Furniture rent a center is a good place to start. I’ve been doing with them for years now. Ask for Katrina when you call she is excellent on working with you and she is very nice and Polite ~Rosa

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Goodwill Industries of Eastern NC, Inc. - Kinston

As of today I was visiting this establishment I was very alarmed at the way one of the workers talked to one of the shoppers If only the worker would have went to the shopper and ask her politely not to do something but this lady stood across the floor abruptly told her.I just looked at this lady out of belief As the lady was putting things back up The worker goes over snatching things and the lady was explaining those were items she was just going through them she walks off with a nasty attitude She wasn't professional at all I constantly visit this place and I never seen this kind of attitude I see why their employees turnover is bad The worse thing of the matter is that is the young lady was an out of towner Yes she did talk to manager about his staff attitude and how she was treated All I can say is the shopper never stepped out of line But GCF u got to do better ~Dawson

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I usually love this store. I buy from there several times a month. Most of my food comes from there in fact. However, I have noticed over the past few months that the food quality was going downhill. Prices are going up and it's to be expected nowadays. However, last month, the store was in almost total chaos. This month, rioting food. This was not the only thing I seen today. Hamburger, that was almost black. I couldn't get pictures of it due to others trying to find a better package. This really makes me second think that store. It's ridiculous. And it's plain out nasty and poor laziness. There are guidelines, rules and regulations for a reason. ~Samantha

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