Here you'll find the best places in New Bern (North Carolina). We found 7 places.

Five Points Mini Mart No 2

That store has been there for 30+ years and it's still the same great store it was when when it opened. Ma'am this is also the one by Hatteras and this isn't sunny side lol ... It's ok I know they both look similar but wrong neighborhood but and a good store, The whole gas thing,It was probably his only option to stop selling gas, and some times it's not always the owner's fault he can't sell gas. Im 98% sure he would sell gas if he could👍 💯🔥💯🔥👍 ~Erik

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convenience store

Mon Asian Market: Restaurant & Grocery

This place used to be awesome you'd walk inside there was an attendant at the cab register, But I have seen that they have changed the way they do business there. So now when you pick up your goods in the market side you have to go to the restaurant side in order to pay which No sense whatsoever. There is no sign to guide you to do this so you Stand at the counter until a customer informs you you have to go to the restaurant site in order to pay for goods picked up on the market side. ~Cecil

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south east asian restaurant asian grocery store