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In our listing you'll find the best places from the pharmacy category in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of the most popular zip codes in Philadelphia, PA for pharmacy include 19107, 19102, 19154, 19133, 19104.
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Walgreens Pharmacy

I think this is the best pharmacy I ever went to and believe me I've been at at least 12 they are so nice to you there and they help you out with your insurance too if you need them to they are right on top of every thing thank you so much guys and ladies ~Joe

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Enclara Pharmacia

I am revising my review of Enclara Pharmacia from 1-star to 5-star and here's why. Like many who lose a loved one I was (and still am) dealing with grief, anger, loss, loneliness and more. I was given inaccurate information about Enclara. It was information I 'chose' to believe because it fueled my anger and I ran with it. Without having to speak with any Enclara people I since found out I was wrong and for this I apologize. I've also discovered things about Enclara that all the marketing gibberish in the world couldn't convey. It's a good company that has to satisfy a very tough customer - someone who's losing a loved one. There ain't no customer tougher than that. It's hard to exercise caution when your emotions have gone off the rails. But try. God Bless you and find peace within yourself because you won't find it by lashing out. ~Paul

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corporate office pharmacy

Lehigh Pharmacy

This is the best Pharmacy ever! Aside from the great customer service, they deliver! They actually deliver, and depending on the time of day you might be able to get your script the same day. Great place to handle all of your pharmaceutical needs. ~Khatim

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Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Outpatient Pharmacy

Pharmacist was unprofessional, and rude and disrespectful, if not condescending. Even if I find I can't t use their pharmacy because it's " in-house", that's no reason to treat people with disrespect! I tried to get an ADHD med filled, because it's super important I get the one from a certain manufacturer , cause if not it doesn't work, causing, believe me, untold harm, and not just with the crazy amount of money wasted, but I could lose my job if I take a ADHD, med that doesn't work, one,may expect such behavior from a lay person, but from a Pharmacist? Really? I know everyone likes to read positives in these things and so do I, but that's not the reality, I have been doing this, and putting up with pharmacists like himself, for 30 years! And in this particular subject , they don't, I assure you know more than I. ~James

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