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Walmart Pharmacy in Hooksett (3 Commerce Dr, NH 03106)

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Visit your local Walmart pharmacy for your healthcare needs including prescription drugs, refills, flu-shots & immunizations, eye care, walk-in clinics, and pet meds.

Walmart Pharmacy is located in Hooksett (New Hampshire state) on the street of 3 Commerce Dr. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1603-621-0631. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Walmart Pharmacy quickly are 43.040457, -71.474700. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Walmart Pharmacy.

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Wow… looked on line and found that this Walmart does walk-in vaccination. Called and the automated recording said they did walk-in vaccination. Drove there and was told “I don’t know what the Internet said, but we don’t do walk-in vaccination.” The person said this standing next to a six foot sign that said “get vaccinated today.” I questioned that and the reply was “uhhhh….yeah….uhhh…. The sign… uhhh…. People keep putting that out…..uhhh” Totally unprofessional. It takes all of what two minutes to administer the vaccine? So basically from my perspective, they want to promote that they are competent, but full of sh1t. How sad is that? To stand beside a sign saying this is what you do, and then have to say “oh… we don’t do that.” Just ….sad.



Incompetent, poorly trained and argumentative staff. If you prepay through Blink Health, they will pretend to not know what you're talking about and try to charge you anyway. When you get mildly impatient with them over the phone(but still polite), someone will call you back and do the opposite of apologizing, they will argue with you instead of trying to solve the problem. It's like they were lecturing me and there was no substance to the conversation. My mother needed her meds and instead, she got a lecture after they waited several days to fulfill the order for home delivery. I had to pick it up myself. They stated that we needed to call back after placing the order on Blink. We did that. Very sensitive and combative staff. I was told to "calm down" when my demeanor wasn't aggressive at all. I was being polite and I was not yelling or showing any signs of aggression. If you need to deal with these people, ask for Francine. She is the only competent and customer service oriented employee at this pharmacy and the only reason why I added a star to this review. Provide better training, improve your hiring methodology, and pay your employees a better wage.



Had prescription transferred from another pharmacy due to it being out of stock. The nice lady rep from Walmart pharmacy took care of everything quickly and had it ready for pickup in a few hours. The other pharmacy was not much help.



I have one prescription here at this WalMart location. Staff is so courteous and professional. They take time to explain how to set up an Auto Refill designation on my account. This ensures i never run out of my daily dose. Great customer service.



The pharmacy tech really shouldn't be telling customers “this is law” and making an assumption that the customer is ignorant of laws, rules, and regulations. Especially when they know nothing of the customer- in this case a legal background. “It’s our responsibility to account for medication after it’s been dispensed”- Incorrect. It’s the responsibility of the pharmacist to account for medication that they dispense, per valid physician prescription. Prejudgement and bias assumptions in customer service positions are typically frowned upon, but if that’s your cup of tea then this is the pharmacy for you. If it’s not- GO. Somewhere. Else.



Just thought I would put up a review here these people have up the hours they close at 7:00pm I was in line at 6:15 waiting in line for medication I need because I just had got there from the dentist they told me we won’t be able to fill the prescription because we close at 7 to go somewhere else. Are you kidding me ? How unprofessional is that I understand there’s other things you need to do but where is the customer service here ? Refusing to take my prescription because you close at 7 it wasn’t even 7 yet! I was so mind blown who ever is in charge in this should really work on there employees and if that person that fills the Subscriptions was the manager she should be fired With that response that I got I almost begged for them to try and fill it for me unbelievable! If you don’t want to fill before 7 maybe you should close at 6 or find someone who wants to work ! Never going here again



Andrew is amazing!!! He’s help me before when I couldn’t get in touch with my doctor went above and beyond. I felt so bad having to keep calling him to see if my doctor called yet he was always very patient and kind. I’ll be contacting corporate thanks Andrew!!



Does the pharmacy know how to auto order??? Out of my medication every month even though I get it every month for years now. No clue on how to get their act together!



With my insurance running out on the 31st of this month, I brought in a script to be filled which was written for 90 days. Neither the clerk taking the order from me nor the Pharmacy Manager (who had to speak to me to ask if I knew why I take the med) informed me that Walmart Doesn't fill 90 day scripts. I found the amount difference after I got home. The Pharmacy Manager tried to tell me that all I have to do is call CVS-Caremark (where I usually get my meds from) and they can be correct it, there's Nothing that the (Hooksett) Walmart can do. I asked what happens if CVS-Caremark can't fix it? The Pharmacy Manager said I would just have to fill it by the month.. MY Insurance won't be in effect after the 31st... Call CVS-Caremark and talk to them, Sorry we screwed up your script by NOBODY telling me they would only give me a 30 count.. Rite-Aid does 90 day scripts for anyone out there that needs one. I'll never TRUST the Hooksett WalMart Pharmacy to fill a prescription again. How can we be sure that the Hooksett gets us the Correct medication if they can't keep the count correct??



The worst Walmart Pharmacy around..Always understaffed, Always a display or rudeness, condemnation by the staff, confrontational pharmacists.. Waited 20 min in line, waited another 30 mins for the refill, then was told after another 15 mins in line to pick up, was told could not refill because I was a day early. Asked why I was not told before.. I got a sorry about that and without a breath she yelled next !!!


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