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Fred Meyer in Monroe (18805 State Route 2, WA 98272)

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Longtime retail chain for groceries, apparel & furniture, plus toys, electronics, housewares & more.

Fred Meyer is located in Monroe (Washington state) on the street of 18805 State Route 2. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1360-805-1996. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Fred Meyer quickly are 47.862941, -121.977660. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Fred Meyer.

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  • Organic products
  • Passport photos
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  • Great produce


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park

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Are the opening hours of Fred Meyer up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Fred Meyer is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Fred Meyer listed in? How is Fred Meyer rated? What is the address of Fred Meyer? How to Get in Touch With Fred Meyer?

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Difficult to figure out why someone would shop here, I only come when I forget I swore it off. Terrible parking lot layout mean getting in and out is a nightmare. Want to buy a movie/game/book? The cover will be littered in impossible to remove stickers that butcher it if you take it off. Not only do they check ID for everything, they also scan it into their computer systems to store forever. I don't mind ID checks but I'll never buy anything that requires ID here due to them scanning it into their databases. An employee visually verifying 18+ is more than enough. Also the only place I've ever been to check ID for an R movie/M game. The kicker? Iyou have a credit card that gives more back for groceries Fred Meyer doesn't count as a grocery store.



They have the best sushi and fresh produce selection out of any store in the area. Lots of vegan products too.



If i can I would have left no stars. Ordered my daughter 13 year old birthday cake 2 weeks and when the day for pick up they didn't have my choice so they thow together a cake that wS not what I pay for. I had to go for a cake with wrong flavor and design. Found out the night before. No phone with any help but the time for pick up.



Pretty fun layout for someone who likes to explore stores even if I don't have a cent on me. They had the ps5 in stock last time I went which was a strange sight to see. Jellybean machine one of the highlights of this store alongside a pokemon center. Pretty cool.



Today I went to Fred Meyer's & they had almost everything I wanted, the one thing they didn't have is cinnamon roll pop tart.



This place legit has everything (at least it seems that way). We were traveling from the east coast and stopped to get groceries…we also needed firewood and they had fire starters etc. definitely a good place to stop if you need those random items too! Be aware they have paper bags for your items. (We we’re just thankful to have bags!) you can also purchase plastic totes if needed!



Today it was pretty busy, as it is Valentines Day. I came to bring my Husband his lunch. Sat with him in the deli area today. All tables were available. I did end up asking for a rag to wipe down the table. I was handed dry towels, which kind of upset me. As the table had dry spilled liquid on it and crumbs from previous persons. I also felt that the staff in the deli should have cleaned the table not me. It is nice to see the deli open for seating.



I shop here 3-4 times per week . What made me post this was the paper bag situation. It hasn’t been the easiest adjusting to bringing your own and I do every other time. But when I get your bags , I feel someone is doing this on purpose . Wouldn’t you think handle is the most important part , wouldn’t you put more glue than two drops? Had groceries fall apart in the parking lot multiple times. It’s 21 st century , I can assist with reinventing what has been invented for 200 years but Fred Myers needs help with. Plus a note we live in a state where it rains 9 months of the year. Changing recipe of recycle paper you use would be recommended , my TP is stronger . I would be happy to pay you double per bag , just make it so it’s actually usable .



Never enough cashiers ever. 1 or two lanes open, looooong lines. I don’t want to self check out, absolutely do not. No 12 items or less lane. MADDENING. Very short sighted, poor experience as a customer because of it. Will return to shopping at another store closer to work.



Great customer service by any employee that is encountered here. This place has it all. Furniture selection. An amazingly fresh LARGE produce section hands down best place to get your fresh produce around these parts. An electronics section that is very organized and professional. HANDICAP?! ~ Don't worry because Fred Meyer has amazing Handicap parking spots...also Van Accessible parking spots. T.V. selection? Yes! They have a 65" Samsung Curved T.V. and many other brands...versions...L.E.D. and smart televisions. ~ Loyal Customer


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