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76 in Los Angeles (10389 Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90025)

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76® gas stations Top Tier® gasoline and other amenities for drivers to fuel up for their adventures. Whether commuting or taking a road trip with friends. 76. We're on the driver's side®

76 is located in Los Angeles (California state) on the street of 10389 Santa Monica Blvd. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +13102778686. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find 76 quickly are 34.057937, -118.424069. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about 76.

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  • Public toilet
  • Toilets


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet

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76 doesn't have any unavailable amenities.




Are the opening hours of 76 up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? 76 is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is 76 listed in? How is 76 rated? What is the address of 76? How to Get in Touch With 76?

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Gas is high. Higher then me lol



Said hello, and got no response, charged me for a bag without asking. Quickly threw the receipt in the trash, had to ask for my plastic bag I was charged for. Cashier was a female. Trans#9669 very unfriendly cashier, very unfriendly homeless in front of the store as well.



All the employees here are Middle Eastern, One of the male employees has gotten too personal with me, a now previously frequent customer. Their only female employee addressed me with an odd nickname, and a male emoyee never smiles and has a near sinister veneer. A line has been crossed that makes me uncomfortable.



Convenient location plus a great mini-mart but their gas prices are pretty high.



It’s about 306 am Thursday august 26. I’m standing outside waiting to go in since you know gas stations are if not open they attend you at the window . The clerk was just chilling catching up on his prep doing the coffee for his shift. When I signal him from outside if he is open he gave me the sign of him being closed. I thought strange how weird so I go with my bike. Mind you 3 am dying of thirst only place that supposed to be open, my only hope . Just only a couple minutes pass 2 cars roll up 1 guy goes gets pump through his card. Another average American goes to the open parking space available. Clerk unlocks door for the customer. So I was given the impression of ok he’s open now. Clerk was rude and discriminatory on myself being a Latino ,(mind you born and raised here in L.A. ) I’m an American with all given rights. And he neglect my service with with an excuse that the other customer was a normal customer . What’s not normal about myself going in and getting exactly what the other American came in to buy. He got himself a drink and a pack of cigarettes yet denied . So I was curious went online clearly in green font saying open24hrs si I call the store he picks up and he clearly hears me on the phone and pretended he didn’t hear my voice and hung up. I call again no answer. Multiple cars pulled up and now he denies entry. I’m still thirsty and 76 tonight lost 5 customers . That’s an average of 20-150+$ in revenue depending upon the customers paying cash for gas plus extra. Worst experience and customer service here tonight plus who knows how often this clerk does this and how many shifts he has and does this. I’m going to mobile with my service . What do you know . Guy who pulled up on 76 and was refused service is also here. That’s not right I hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else citizen or not we all have rights and if says 24 hrs do your job



I really like this gas station because they always have fresh food during lunch and are pretty busy, so food rarely ever sits.  This place rules. Friendly people, tasty treats. All around good feelings here.  Clean place all around. Gas pumps have always worked fine for me. Gas station has a Air Station. During lunch they had three cashiers working so the lines moved smoothly.  Great views of the mountains from a distance  they have a variety of snacks and drinks available.You also can’t beat someone else pumping the gas for you



This is one of the best gas stations in the area. Inside the store is very clean and well maintained. Staff are very friendly, I usually get my morning coffee and fresheners here. They have variety of drinks as well as snacks, ice creams and chocolates. The cashier is always smiling at you, usually I have a short morning conversation with him, great guy.



Always clean. Staff is friendly. They have all the snacks, soda pop. There is no beer or alcohol drinks,witch is a set back along with High gas prices. One set of pumps is a full service gas station where you don't have to get out of your car but you do pay extra for special treatment plus tip.



Been using this gas station for about 1.5 years, always thought it was a good gas station. I was doing a large purchase tonight and the employee asked me to break it up into several transactions on my credit card.. super shady. Won’t be coming here again..



Iconic structure continuing to provide good old fashioned service. Try the full service pumps.


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