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Walmart Supercenter in Fort Myers Beach (17105 San Carlos Blvd, FL 33931)

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Walmart Supercenter is located in Fort Myers Beach (Florida state) on the street of 17105 San Carlos Blvd. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1239-340-7074. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Walmart Supercenter quickly are 26.491886, -81.940354. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Walmart Supercenter.

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Are the opening hours of Walmart Supercenter up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Walmart Supercenter is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Walmart Supercenter listed in? How is Walmart Supercenter rated? What is the address of Walmart Supercenter? How to Get in Touch With Walmart Supercenter?

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We were in Hurricane Ian. We lost everything we own and our cars. Family and friends were helping us. I had a coworker give us a $200 Visa card. At this Walmart my mom used it and the transaction was denied. She said she would check into the Visa card and she used her debit card to pay for the order. As it turned out according to Visa the money was taken off the card. This was on October 16th. Walmart told me that it would take 10 days to be put back on. That didn't happen. When my 80 year old mom went Friday November 4th to talk to someone (a manager) and a worker they were rude and we're laughing as she walked away. Including the manager! Bad Bad customer service!! She was really upset not only that they took the money but won't help to fix the issue and actually laughed at her! She shops at this Walmart all time and spends a lot of money! They should be ashamed!!



Friendly professional staff. Small enough to accomplish your task quickly. Large enough to have ninety percent, I need it now items.



After Ian went thru, they are as stocked as can be. Feeding people in the parking lot. Alot of security around. Good things going on at this Walmart for sure!!



I live on Fort Myers Beach and was hit directly by hurricane Ian. I managed to get to this Walmart and found free food and water being dispensed in front of the store by the upbeat and supportive Walmart team. They even set up charging stations for our phones. The store was closed because rising water got inside during the hurricane. Just up the street there were giant yachts sitting on the road in their final resting place after the storm. Walmart is more than a store... Walmart is a fundamentally important fixture within the infrastructure of our society. Walmart is a meeting place, a parking place, a place to go when all else fails. Thank you Walmart!



Most of the staff are to busy visiting each other and won't help. The young man in the tool department will take you to his section and helps. Auto department helps. Most of the front line help and are very nice. The ladies most always can't speak or understand English. The girls in the return desk stopped helping me with my cash withdrawal and stopped to talk to a staff members about returns. I'm 77 yrs old and stopping my service confused me. She had to redo it 3 times. I do go in often but my daughter won't use any of your services because she is ignored by your staff thank you



It’s a Walmart… Clothing area was quite a mess as usual! I honestly don’t know why SHOPPERS cannot pick up items they drop or hang them back up! Please be considerate of the retail employees! The shelves of grocery are always pretty well stocked! I would like to see a bit fresher produce! Not sure where it is getting shipped from but maybe it needs to be from local farmers? Remember the whole “Made in the USA” theme?!?!



One of the biggest Walmart’s I’ve been to. I don’t think there’s a thing that this place doesn’t have. Everything was very clean and modern, they even have their own liquor store! A very well kept and top notch Walmart.



I have never been treated like I was treated in this Walmart. I was purchasing three of the two pound containers of strawberries and made sure to check the prices before I got them. Posted on the too and bottom shelves as well as the big black price numbers on the front of the cooler was $5.44. As the picture shows, the price on each shelve has strawberry 2 (which I assume is the two pound box) $5.44. I did the self checkout and I noticed that I was being charged $7.86 for each of the strawberry containers. I asked the associate for help and she said that she could take them off of my order if I didn't want them but that was all. I asked her to just look at the strawberry cooler (which was in her sight range). Then, she said she couldn't help me. It was like I was being a bother to her! Like I was irritating her and taking up her time! There was no $7.86 price posted anywhere close to or on the cooler. I told her that I would get a survey and I would let them know...her words were... "Do what you have to do." What has happened to common courtesy? I would have been happy with someone having just showing me where I failed to see the price that I was charged, or an explanation. BUT... Just handing over that money, even if it was $7.26 along with the attitude irks me! UPDATE.... Thank goodness for employees like Elaine!! The very next day...... I showed her the pictures of the posted prices as well as my receipt and she said that I was over charged and she graciously refunded my money... even though she was supposed to be off work!! She is what a great employee is an example of!!!



Terrible! Return counter was having a problem with computers. Had to go next door at the liquor store. She had to call a manager. Waiting very long. Problem trying to cash in a lottery ticket. 🙄 worst Walmart I've ever been in. And they let a Dam bird inside.



Used to be nice when it first opened, now it's just another Walmart, empty shelves, rude associates (when you can find one) and interestingly enough every other week I used to go there and after 10pm they have no checkouts open except self checkout. Personally I'd prefer having a cashier do it, seems faster because the self checkout machines are constantly complaining about something.


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