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Dollar General in Alton (2901 Homer M Adams Pkwy, IL 62002)

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Bargain retail chain selling a range of household goods, groceries, beauty products & more.

Dollar General is located in Alton (Illinois state) on the street of 2901 Homer M Adams Pkwy. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1618-467-8801. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Dollar General quickly are 38.913179, -90.140175. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Dollar General.

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Are the opening hours of Dollar General up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Dollar General is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Dollar General listed in? How is Dollar General rated? What is the address of Dollar General? How to Get in Touch With Dollar General?

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I live 2 blocks away and choose to go to a different store if I can. Within the past year the staff has been so rude! Most of them give u dirty looks when they have to ring you up. Half the time they stand there and stare at you for at least a minute before they come to the register. I have heard them talk about other customers when they walk out of the store. Multiple times. And don't even ask them to load a prepaid card. They will either tell you that they don't do it anymore which isn't true or they will grab the card out of ur hand and slam it on the counter and roll their eyes at you.terrible experience everytime I go. They are either rude to me or I watch them be rude to someone else



I absolutely HATE this dollar general. I live less than a block and travel just to not go there!!! People are VERY RUDE!!! Bonnie is off putting. No one has manners or ever Acknowledges customers!!! By far the worst dollar general I've ever been too. I thought going in there today would change my mind but nope I will NOT ever return!!!



They need more lighting. Its sooo dark in there you can barely see the products. You basically need a flashlight to shop here. Wont be going back until they add more lights to the place. I dont know why they keep it so dark in there but its difficult to shop and kinda feels unsafe.



The store is nice. But the check out lady the black one was horrible she was so upset that she had to put in the bar code numbers so she wanted me not to buy it so she won't have to do her Job!!!! Once she seen I had 3 of those items she snapped and treated me like I was trash



Horrible, there were 4 people behind the counter laughing & talking. I'm disabled, in line with icecream & they refused to open more than 1 register. They looked at me like I was a crazy person when I asked them to actually work. 4 people & only 1 is working, but I'm the lunatic? Yep, I'm crazy for shopping there & I won't make that mistake again.



So much more selection than most. Also the staff does great with restocking . Very well organized. High five to this DG staff!!!


sharmaine I went in knowing that paper products were either not there or limited...but for the most part Dollar General is just that, it's a pick up odds and ends store, it has some of the things you want, but most of your major items you still probably need to go to the major stores if you can tolerate the masses of the ppl and their frantic illusions of sickness and death, and if you've every had a severe case of the flu then I guess you'd be concerned...I just wish we wouldn't get so paranoid, it would really make things flow so much better... All in all, typically the same minor shopping, got what I wanted and left without the ice cream "which was on sale!!!" 😮



This store is typical of Dollar General, cramped, crowded aisles, filled to the brim with products. The store has so much merchandise, it reminds me of the old Woolworth's stores. The clerk made my visit more pleasurable. She was friendly, helpful, and made my stop seem more enjoyable.



I am very satisfied with the service and the products they had in the store because I went to the one in Alton where I live at and there was hardly anything there that I needed they were out of stock but this or had everything I needed when I went in there today and if he will help me out and they even had a sale on clearance items and I got a bunch of stuff I needed a very good price so I'm very happy I went there



Same as usual in and out. Had what I wanted so what else can I say. I like to go on to this Dollar general because they are more friendly they will take the time to tell you where things or show you where things are at. Besides it's convenient it's on my way home or it's on my way to where I'm going so I got to pass that either way.


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