Here you'll find the best places in South Boston (Massachusetts). We found 4 places.

My Diner

Walked a mile from the hotels to get a little local flavor. Unassuming, pleasant diner with bland coffee, but nice smile for service. Sliced ham was delicious, sausage links are frozen (I could swear they are Banquet, Brown Nā€™ Serve). Iā€™d return for the atmosphere. ~Edward

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Castle Self Storage

Highly recommend Castle storage facility! We were moving out of Boston and had to store our belongings before the movers came to ship them overseas. We ran out of space in one storage unit and had to get a second one - the managers were super nice and got us a second unit close by the first, as well as not charging us full month price for it. They were super helpful and flexible when we needed to organise a delivery to the storage too! Definitely recommend, very good customer service! ~Janna

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This Walgreens deserves a zero. USE ANY OTHER PHARMACY. They NEVER pick up the phone - today I was on hold for an hour and fifteen minutes, over several calls. I was hung up on three times, and TWICE was connected with OTHER PATIENTS WAITING ON HOLD. Outrageous & extremely frustrating. Not to mention a violation of patient privacy. It's also, frankly, inexcusable that a *pharmacy* does not answer the phone. This has been a problem for a long time (see other reviews from over the years). I'm sure the owner will comment that my "experience will be shared with leadership" ... but I'm certain nothing will change. Choose ANY other pharmacy for your prescriptions - even if it's less "convenient" in terms of location. You may have to travel a bit further but you'll save hours of waiting on hold or in line. I miss Rite Aid. ~A

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