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The ladies did not know a lick about customer service. Must be nice to sit around and get paid to not know anything, watch TV, and look frustrated. I could of done everything online, but I needed help with my account being charged twice. They did not help me or communicate in the least bit. ~Carly

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cell phone store


Terrible customer service! Highly disappointed in the whole store the clerk do not want to help check you out and if you have questions don't want to answer them.... The manager that was on duty had an attitude and no help I tried to explain about the situation and he didn't care.. pharmacist is rude dont want to look up locations for medications. Most of the time she raises her voice at you... they need new workers that care about customer service... Don't waste your time coming here... My advice to the workers with the bad attitude if you don't want to work stay yourself at home... ~Kayla

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