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In our listing you'll find the best places from the pet supply store category in Waterford, Michigan. Some of the most popular zip codes in Waterford, MI for pet supply store include 48329, 48327.
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Pet Supplies Plus Waterford

I have been going to this store for a long time. I have to say when I went in yesterday it was such a nice experience. I went in to get some kitty food and kitty litter. I didn’t need help and I had my granddaughter with me. She wanted to look at all the animals and we had a nice knowledgeable experience with a young man working there that has several snakes and reptiles he was great! Very patient and he showed us many snakes and a hamster. Then we went to get what we came there for and had another nice friendly chat with a woman that owns many cats. To make a long story short I have Never had a bad experience and I think they have a great staff there now! I had went into another pet store the other day off Cooley fairly new can’t remember the name and when my husband and I walked in ( we were the Only people in the store ) the two young women behind the counter didn’t even acknowledge us and it wasn’t like they were busy ! We were the only ones besides the two employees that I seen in the store. This pet store is new and we wanted to check it out (-although I felt a bit disloyal to my Pet supplies plus ) The pet store was different a lot different then pet supplies plus a lot more pricier. Had they acknowledged us or said a quick hello I would of bought what I needed but jeez no hello and no goodbye. So goodbye to that closer to my house but needing to find friendlier employees pet store! I will remain loyal to the knowledgeable friendly wonderful staff at PET SUPPLIES PLUS IN WATERFORD !! ~joellen

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What are the zip codes in the city of Waterford?

City Waterford has such zip codes as: 48329, 48327.

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