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Rapid Refill

I have been to both locations in Merrimack, you have a new guy working. Sweet Latino man, I believe his name is Rene (I’ve seen him at both). He is so kind and helpful, the way he takes care of the elderly customers is exceptional. He is very polite and professional. I’ve been in early in the day and the woman there is always so moody, I was in last week and overheard her tell this man I spoke about previously in this post that she hid a chair so he couldn’t sit down but I see her sitting all the time! He was so nice to her and she had the worst attitude with him. I avoid going in the morning now so I don’t have to deal with her. She doesn’t seem to like her job.everyone else at both locations are great though! ~Tattooed

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convenience store atm gas station

S & J Motor Co Inc

We visited yesterday and worked with Sharon Davey. Highly recommend! We have 3 kids and I’m overdue with my 4th. I’ve been searching online for cars and have been dreading buying one. Honestly, I know no one wants to buy a car right now, but this was the best car buying experience I’ve had. She found the best interest rates between local credit unions, she was accommodating, I like how S&J is structured - no fees or upselling. She was just kind and helped make this process convenient for our family. Totally met our needs and we were happy with the price. ~Susan

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