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S & J Motor Co Inc is located in Merrimack (New Hampshire state) on the street of 60 Daniel Webster Hwy. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1603-882-5175. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find S & J Motor Co Inc quickly are 42.802305, -71.476787. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about S & J Motor Co Inc.

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Are the opening hours of S & J Motor Co Inc up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? S & J Motor Co Inc is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is S & J Motor Co Inc listed in? How is S & J Motor Co Inc rated? What is the address of S & J Motor Co Inc? How to Get in Touch With S & J Motor Co Inc?

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found a 2nd + 3rd vehicle from S & J -- first place to start to look, Stan and Nick make it easy, no pressure, patient.



Fair and honest dealer. If you try to negotiate a price for any possible pennies, this is not a right dealer for you. They are upfront and give you no surprise later.



We visited yesterday and worked with Sharon Davey. Highly recommend! We have 3 kids and I’m overdue with my 4th. I’ve been searching online for cars and have been dreading buying one. Honestly, I know no one wants to buy a car right now, but this was the best car buying experience I’ve had. She found the best interest rates between local credit unions, she was accommodating, I like how S&J is structured - no fees or upselling. She was just kind and helped make this process convenient for our family. Totally met our needs and we were happy with the price.



Sharon made it easy for my first time going through a dealership the process was easy and she was also really funny.but I am happy with my car I got and I’d recommend it to friends looking for cars.



I bought a car 3 years ago supposedly in good condition I paid full book value for the year make and model in good condition. $8600. It had been undercoated in preparation for sale. Within months the undercoating all flaked off due to severe rust. Immediate repairs needed to be made ( ball joints and brakes) with difficulty because of all the rust . Now the rear differential is gone and it can't be repaired due to the amount of rust. The car needs to be scrapped. $8600 for 3 1/2 years use, plus $1000's in repairs. DO NOT SHOP HERE. They are purposefully dishonest and disreputable and have no conscience



I bought a car last September (2021) with my son from Sharon at S&J. First off, it was a tough time to find a good used car and I was looking where we live in central Mass without a lot of luck. I saw the Corolla we bought online, called and spoke with Sharon; she held the car for me and my son to come up the next day. Almost an hour drive, but if you get a good car (which we did) it would be well worth it but having a great experience from start to signing the documents (which we CERTAINLY did) was a great bonus. The car when we picked it up looked almost new, which made a dad very happy to see his son enjoy a very good quality car and he is a proud owner. Buying cars, especially a used one, you can experience all kinds of dealers, but I remember saying to my son, after finalizing the deal, you're very lucky, being your first car purchase, because this was right at the top for me, as the best, easy going experience I've had buying a car. Thank you, Sandy! not just for a fine automobile, but exceptional car buying experience.



After searching a number of dealerships in the Manchester area I found S & J on I was incredibly impressed with their low mileage inventory and their excellent, responsive customer service. Ended up purchasing a car, it was the best car buying experience I've ever had. I worked with Sharon who was quick, helpful, and didn't put me through the typical run around that sales people at other dealerships have put me through in the past. Very thankful for their help.



My dad and I are from Nashua and were looking to get a reliable and affordable used car. We went to S&J Motor and Sharon was unbelievably helpful! She was attentive and flexible and we were able to put a down payment on a car that day! Definitely recommend going here as they really care for their customers!



Love this place! Went looking for a car and went to a lot of places,large and small. Found a car I really liked as I had one similar but older. It was a little more than I wanted to spend and went looking at some other places. Found a car like the one i was looking at but that place wanted 300 dollars dealer fees! No thanks. Went back to s+j and got the car I wanted there were a couple issues but they took care of them right away and I have had no problems since.. Stan was a great salesman,no pressure,Sharon was great help as well,Stan,Sharon and the owner went above and beyond to help me get a nice car for a nice price. Really great to work with,no dealer fees! Would highly recommend s+j for nice cars and good prices. Thanks again to Stan,Sharon and the owner for a great car buying experience,if I ever need another vehicle I will certainly come see you. Sincerely Denise Covey



I recently bought a Ford Escape from them. I had a Great experience! Stan was very personable, and quick to respond to messages. I saw my car on a Thursday and drove it home Friday. The buying process was quick, and I felt no pressure to buy the car. They have a 30 day warranty, and you can buy a extended 5 year warranty. After 2 days there was a leak in one of my valves and they fixed it quickly. No problems since.


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