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R & S Auto & Truck Repair Inc

Jonathan did a super job repairing my Mitsubishi. I thought my car was a total loss and could not be fixed but I was very surprised and extremely satisfied with his work! Services: Air conditioning, A/C installation & repair, Auto interior vacuuming, Body & Trim, Auto body & trim repair, Auto detailing, Auto battery maintenance, Auto body & trim replacement, Painting, Auto A/C replacement ~Courtney

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Anything Automotive

The owner, whom I never met before, became my guardian angel. I had a 2006 ford explorer (with a sealed transmission and no way to check or add fluids - ford engineers, were you thinking?) that started having transmission issues. I Googled "auto repair near me" and they were the closet facility. When I explained my dilemma the owner told me he was really backed up (who isn't these days) but if I could wait a little while he'd come check it out. He showed up quickly and got my explorer to his facility. After discussing my options I decided not to put the money into a vehicle that old. So he let me store it in his yard free of charge until I was able to make provisions for its disposal. I cannot thank them enough. If I was local I would give them all my automotive service business. Unfortunately I'm over 600 miles away. I couldn't have picked a better place to break down. ~Fat

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