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First off, I love Target and shop there way too often! My only issue is when you purchase something at the regular price, only to find out that 2 days later, it goes on sale, it is quite frustrating. First off: The lady that helped me was extremely nice and very helpful. She gets a 10/10! Previously, when you purchased something at Target at regular price and it went on sale within a 2-week time frame of said purchase, you would be refunded the difference. Now, it's frustrating for the employee and customer, to say the least. You have to "return" your items and then, re-purchase them at the sale price. What gives with this process and who thought this was a good idea? Ironically enough, I purchased something at Costco on 6/16/2022, only to later find out that it would be on sale beginning Wed. 6/22/2022. I went to Costco and was promptly refunded the difference between the sale price and what I had paid. TARGET: PLEASE, BE MORE LIKE COSTCO! ~K.G.

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