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Grocery Outlet in Roseville (424 Roseville Square, CA 95678)

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Discount chain carrying brand-name groceries, plus items like gifts & toys (many sell beer & wine).

Grocery Outlet is located in Roseville (California state) on the street of 424 Roseville Square. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1916-772-2600. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Grocery Outlet quickly are 38.744871, -121.276250. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Grocery Outlet.

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Available amenities


  • Cheques
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments


  • Quick visit


  • Organic products


  • Great produce


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park

Service options

  • In-store shopping

Unavailable amenities

Service options

  • Delivery




Are the opening hours of Grocery Outlet up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Grocery Outlet is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Grocery Outlet listed in? How is Grocery Outlet rated? What is the address of Grocery Outlet? How to Get in Touch With Grocery Outlet?

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I just want to give high praise to grocery outlet and an employee there that was working at the register named Marcus I was short on money not realizing it and when I told him go ahead and put an item back he turned around and pulled a dollar out of his pocket so that I would have enough there's not enough people like that in this world and I just want to say thank you Marcus and thank you grocery outlet



During economic hardships like we are in right now, stores like this are a small bastion of light. They don't have everything you need, but the prices make it worth starting here before going to a larger grocer to finish out your list.



Grocery outlet in general always seems to be the best place for my family to bulk up on food. We always try to save as much as we buy on our receipt. Just make sure you check the dates on stuff haha.



The wine guy. This is the reason I drove way out of my way to go to this specific store in Roseville. Michael and I apparently enjoy all the same wines, so I just pick up anything with his tags on it. ❤️❤️❤️



If you enjoy wine this is the store to go to! Great selection and the "Wine Guy" never steers you wrong! Excellent selection of all groceries as well.



I enjoy coming here i usually find what im looking for. Even if i dont im ok i know they usually don't have everything i need. The store is always clean produce always looks good. Prices are great.



May favorite store by far! I would go here more, but my anxiety won't let me. When I do, I buy a ton. I spent around $250 and saved around $300. There is literally no other grocery store that I go to, where I can find the savings. Also, don't ever take your kids shopping. It's a sure way to spend more than you intend to. LOL.



Awesome as usual. Roseville store is nicely laid out and clean. Also well stocked on dairy, meat and veggies. Toni and Mgr. Denise were very polite and helpful. Will visit them again soon 🙂



Great Selection of milks. Excellent Customer Service- returned my item immediately!! Great vegan snacking items!! Good assortment of cheeses. Wow the best drinkable yogurt selection!! Good selection of veggies- I got the butternut squash!! Had a really nice selection of health bars with my favorite vitamins and minerals! I will be going here again!!



Wow! This Grocery Outlet is so much bigger than Greenback store. Amazing variety of products, and the produce is great! The only downfall is the traffic leaving was heavy during commute time, 5-6 pm. Highly recommend, it is a clean and well stocked store.


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