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Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning is located in Leesburg (Florida state) on the street of 1326 N 14th St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1352-787-7285. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning quickly are 28.831069, -81.887320. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning.

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Are the opening hours of Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning listed in? How is Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning rated? What is the address of Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning? How to Get in Touch With Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning?

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Most reasonably priced and honest a/c around. Don't expect a waiting room. Randy doesn't spend his money on a storefront, but he's a hard-working mechanic who stands by his work.



Reynolds is awesome. He is honest and will do you right. He is a man of integrity who will do a superb job and will not take advantage of you by over charging an outrageous amount of money. Thank you Reynolds.



I had no ac with 99 degree heat. Several other places were too busy and Pep Boys were too expensive to even look at it. I pulled in and he tested the system right away and found the problem. Fixed in 30 minutes. My wife and I were so greatfull. Thank YOu



Air just stopped in my wife's car. Brought it in and left it for diagnosis. I like specialty repair shops and Reynolds just does AC, nothing else! They called that afternoon saying it would not hold a charge and the compressor needed replacing. Told them to replace the compressor. Picked it up the next day and was shown the old compressor that had a piece the size of a dime completely blown out of the casing. Said they'd never seen that before! Price was as quoted which was about $500 less than other estimates. Compressor was "New" NOT rebuilt, and carries a 2 year warranty. Highly recommend Reynolds for your auto AC needs! Tommy B



Great service and staff and they always seem to have the part we need. We would recommend this place because they always do a great job for us. Thank you Reynolds Air Conditioning Service Inc. 5 Stars Earned.



Passing through town on business experiencing auto a/c problem so I stopped in and problem no more! Fast and very affordable service. Thank you very much. I highly recommend Reynolds Auto Air Conditioning.



This place was recommended to me by a co-worker and this place lived up to every word he said.....just a small hole in the wall, no frills and fancy waiting room. They obviously don't need it. They stay busy by referrals and word of mouth. I took my car here 2 times to have it diagnosed. He never charged me a penny and knew within minutes what the issue was. When I brought my own part and it was broke, he still didn't charge me even though he wasted his time installing it. I finally got a new working compressor and condenser installed today and it works perfectly. For the first time in my life, I paid a mechanic MORE than they asked, and I still know I way underpaid. He is so honest, knowledgeable, and will never take advantage of you. I would never go anywhere else for my auto ac again!!!



This man is honest, straightforward, punctual, and runs a great business. Having an AC compressor go out is no joke, and he made sure I wasn't wasting my money on something I don't need AND encouraged me to find a deal on the part. Excellent all around service with very reasonable prices.



a trusted friend highly recommended Reynolds years ago but I nursed my cars along with my limited skills until it got beyond me. I got my Honda a new condenser for 369$. Un freakin believable!!!! By comparison a new oil pan alone at the dealer was 500$. I never got out of an AC shop for less than 600$ even 20 years ago!!!! This is possibly the most honest man that has ever worked on a car in AMERICA!!! Go ahead ...doubt me its your money!



2007 Honda Odyssey A/C compressor went out. Called around both local Honda dealers, $1465 & $1558 with re-manufactured OEM compressors. Took the Honda dealers hours to get back to me regarding the out the door price. Found Randy on Google search. Call him explained what was happening, he gave me an immediate price with a NEW compressor, less than half of what the dealers wanted, made an appointment for a few day later, deliver the car as I agreed, car was ready as agreed, works wonderful. Get this the final total was below what he quoted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save your time and effort searching out repair shops, why would you go anywhere else? Randy is a southern gentleman who is a straight talker with significant technical knowledge and experience. Support this small local business.


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