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Rope will come a full quarter inch smaller diameter than listed. Was extremely patient and professional for weeks up to this review. Ravenox will take their sweet time, demand multiple pictures, tell you your measuring wrong, then finally say the rope will "swell" when you take it off spool and refuse to accept return without charging you for shipping and a restocking fee. I'm three weeks into this issue. Don't waist your valuable time and money. It's not just the cotton rope, ordered 3/8" nylon rope that came 1/8" they still haven't addressed at all. If I could attach pictures I would. Very frustrating as a small business owner under timelines. Have not had this problem with SGT Rope. Ravenox, are you ready to accept this return or do I need to dispute this with my bank? ~Shad

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Ms Chris is great. Tiffany, great. The walgreens system is bs. The app never works, other pharmacists bill things late somehow causing me to go without medication for a day or 2. Now they had a system outage. So medication i been waiting on since Wednesday is gonna be filled who knows when. Always a problem here. Screw walgreens im transferring my prescription elsewhere. Unfortunately the few people that work here that are great are stuck here i guess. Its not the staff its the system. To be clear. ~This

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Harris Teeter

Used to be great for subs, since Publix came into town they’ve felt the right to jack up their prices to the tune of 25% for any extra requested. When I called to ask why this increase was happening the worker and the manager both lied through their teeth and said this “had been the process for the past few years”. Absolutely not, complete garbage. ~Tom

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Northern Tool + Equipment

I had ordered a raised garden bed in the spring. I received clear communication from the store in regards to its expected arrival, and then after it got to the store. It was fairly heavy and an associate carried it to the car for me. He was helpful and friendly, and we chatted about gardening on the way out. All in all, a very pleasant shopping experience. I've since purchased more beds from the Burlington store and will look forward to picking them up when they get there. ~Kimberly

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