Here you'll find the best places in Mint Hill (North Carolina). We found 5 places.

Great Clips

The staff at the Mint Hill location are very friendly and accommodating. Great conversationalist as well! Most importantly, they are good at their craft and take the customers concerns seriously. The best thing is that they keep your of your preferences and ask before each haircut if you choose to keep those preferences or change them. I highly recommend the entire staff for your haircut or styling appointment. ~Ty

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Jersey Mike's Subs

What's it going to be Jersey Mike's? Either you're going to have a to go order pick up shelf or you going to keep the orders behind the counter and require your customers to ask for help. (Understaffed? I get it.) That's right ask for help; instead of being greeted when you enter your establishment. Normally, new patrons at other establishments are greeted upon entry; not here, you're staff has zero customer service initiative to say hello, or ask if they are there for a pickup. Meanwhile I have to stand there and wait until I get a glance to initiate a question to see if my to go order is ready or not. 1 of the 3 whole bags on the counter, packed and ready to go, not on the to go shelf. Clearly there needs to be some manners applied to your staff; and better instruction on what you want to do with the pick up orders. Figure it out. Until then my family will not be patronizing your stores. ~vôn

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