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Harris Teeter

I'm updating my 2018 5-star review. Customer service has declined (a lot). The old employees of the store's first 5/6 years are gone. The new ones are more occupied with their phones and lack any training. They don't know how to say good morning or have a good day. They need to be re-trained, all of them. If you have to use the restroom, you will find that men's urinals do not flush, water is coming out of only one of the two faucets, the counter is dirty, mirrors are dirty, the floor is sticky, and the trash can is overflowing with lots of paper around on the floor. I should have taken pictures. Shopping carts are old and in dire need of repair, or at least some paint. A product with no barcode at the self checkout? Good luck with that if you need someone to come and fix the problem. You can wave, the 'Help is coming' blinking light will be on, but employees will be either distracted or far from the attendant post, so you'll just have to wait or cancel the transaction. There are other grocery stores around and the difference in lighting, cleanliness and service is abysmal. I do hope things will change soon; otherwise I will have to seriously consider taking my business somewhere else. ~Daniel

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