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i got 4 subs 2 ham & cheese 1 turkey 1 roast beef & 2 salads subs smelled funky and bread was drenched soggy kids would not eat them the salads had rotten cucumbers and rotten tomatoes i guess i should have looked at the bottom of the salads cuz they were full of slimy eggs and brown lettuce and everything was to be maid fresh daily that's what the sign said so gross $64 dollars in the trash waist of money ~Michelle

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gas station

Phil's Food Mart

I went to the store to order burgers this week and the only girl that was working in there at the time acted like someone peed in her cornflakes and while waiting on burgers to get done someone called and she was rued to them and she started hollaring at her boyfriend whom works there too and the person on the phone thought she was hollaring at them and she snapped back and said she was talking to another employee. Yeah if you ask me they should not be working the same hours there. Got biscuits there this morning 4/29/22 they was so hard and the ham on the one was so rubbery and on the other one ask for original chicken and got spicy...I can't eat spicy! The chicken was really thin and you charge over $4 for it and the ham biscuit was $3.99 that's just crazy and I know the store being where it is , is just a convenience but the staff needs to be nicer in person and on the phone. Needless to say if we want to buy food it won't be from there. Y'all need to do better!! ~Melissa

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convenience store