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The fitness, strength, and nutrition programs and content you see in the market are mostly by men, for men. The Fitter Female is here to change that. We offer female exercise programs in Lexington, Acton & Needham which will help you transform into the healthier, fitter version of yourself.

The Fitter Female is located in Acton (Massachusetts state) on the street of 255 Main St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +19782742317. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find The Fitter Female quickly are 42.473797, -71.453839. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about The Fitter Female.

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Are the opening hours of The Fitter Female up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? The Fitter Female is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is The Fitter Female listed in? How is The Fitter Female rated? What is the address of The Fitter Female? How to Get in Touch With The Fitter Female?

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I joined in Lexington. After my friend raved about the trainers and the great workouts! The trainers, Sky and Christian were proff, friendly and supportive! However, the owner, Glenn, was discussing personal information he extracted or assumed about myself and my friend with other members. Bordering on sexual harrassment. He txt me he has 18 locations but in reality, there are only 3. It made me leary and uncomfortable to say the least. So I quit. As did my friend. He refunded our money to our credit cards. After we expressed our issues/concerns of and with him.



The Fitter Female has had such a positive impact on my life! The experienced and caring trainers give you a fun, customized workout and I feel like a million bucks every time I finish a workout. With other gyms, programs and diets, I never lost more than 3 or 4 pounds. Since coming to the Fitter Female I have lost 20 pounds and have gained so much muscle mass. Other changes? I used to get migraines --- not anymore. I have so much energy and people tell me how good I look. I recommend the Fitter Female to anyone who is looking to make long-lasting, positive changes in their life.



The FF has a lot to offer. The coaches will help with any aspect of support toward you goal. I love the variety of work out, small training model and positive attitude of this gym. Women of all fitness levels/abilities all can benefit from the workouts. Cost is high, however the ease & flexibility of scheduling, knowledge and support of coaches and vast offering of times offered are great. It is a nice change from a big traditional gym.



A year ago I was in a rut. I work at home so I was basically home 24/7. I needed to get out of the house, Then one day my son came home and told me about the Fitter Female Studio that had just moved to town. After stopping in to check it out I decided to give it a try. I was hooked the very first session. I left there after an hour feeling great. Like I really accomplished something. Not only that I had a blast doing it. The women there are so fun and supportive and the trainers are extremely knowledgeable, with a keen eye toward proper form to help avoid injuries. It has definitely become my home away from home. Within the first 3 months I was able to lose fat, gain muscle and totally reshape my body at the age of 53. Now a year later I am amazed at the transformation. My balance, Posture and strength have all improved as has my energy level. This program really works, and I still thank my son after every session for introducing me to the Fitter Female.



Fitter Female is a safe, energetic place for individualized small group personal training for women of all ages and levels of fitness. The trainers truly care about the unique needs of each client. Body analysis and weight are taken each month to keep you accountable to your nutrition and exercise goals. Feedback is given supportively. The cost is reasonable and worth the health benefits. There is no hard sell here - just an opportunity for outstanding trainers and a community of women to support each other in getting stronger each week with laugher, sweat, and hard work.



I am so glad I walked into TFF during their open house. I have been a member for over 6 months now and love going to my workouts. My main reason for going was to gain strength and endurance, and I have gained both in a short time. I like TFFs workout style because even though everyone does the same exercise, it feels like it's tailored totally for you. And, if there's something you can't do, due to limitations, the talented instructors will change and further tailor the exercises for you. You also don't have to worry about getting cardio in separately, the Trainers at TFF incorporate the cardio into the daily workouts. The flexibility on how the schedules are done makes it very easy o make changes to your schedule when life happens. Monthly weigh ins and body analysis help you stay on target, what ever your goal is. I absolutely love coming to TFF, it's my own little community of friends who encourage me alongside the trainers. I not only miss the workout when something comes up & I can't attend, I miss seeing everyone. Everyone at TFF is so caring and supportive and will make sure that you reach your goals.



A complete total body workout! I started working out in preparation for a marathon I was planning to run and had run give years straight and as a result of the core strength and upper body strength I gained in three short months I improved my time dramatically. Competent and intelligent trainers who know how to tailor a workout to each individual.



Love this place! Although I was always active growing up, in my more recent adult years I struggled to find a gym, class or philosophy that I could relate to and stick with....and once I found the Fitter Female I found it! I love going 3x/'s one of my happy places!! :-)



The Fitter Female has been a life-changer for me! I had not exercised much for a long time and had no experience with focused fitness training. Could not do a plank, let alone knew what it was! In 6 months, I have lost weight, gained muscle and my A1C has decreased. The staff is what makes the Acton studio great. They are very caring and genuine, REALLY know what they are doing and get to know you personally.



I love going to The Fitter Female. The staff there is great! I’ve been to a lot of different facilities but none of them have given me the personal attention that I receive at TFF. I chose them because they know what they are talking about and I don’t feel like I am wasting my time. No matter what your personal goals are I believe that Glenn, Linda and the team of professionals at The Fitter Female can help you achieve those goals if you do your part!


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