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Kemp's Service in Pepperell (52 Groton St, MA 01463)

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We service and repair most makes and models. State inspections, vintage vehicles welcome.

Kemp's Service is located in Pepperell (Massachusetts state) on the street of 52 Groton St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +19784332478. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Kemp's Service quickly are 42.666872, -71.573519. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Kemp's Service.

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On 07/05/2022 I helped my 81 years old friend to bring her truck for annual Vehicle Inspection to Kemp’s Service located in Pepperell. The truck was driven only 31 miles since previous inspection. Previous year truck passed the inspection with flying colors. This year mechanic found that “ds plate light, ds cab light, ebrake doesn’t hold” After the inspection I went to two independent mechanics in my area to confirm that those problems really do exist. Both mechanics confirmed that there is no issue with plate light at all. Be aware of Kemps dishonesty. They take advantage of old people. Scanned copy of the inspection report attached.



I I called for my daughter's tire . Which was totally pointed out after hitting a pothole. Great roads of Massachusetts. Kemps took it in. Called me to replace a control arm on tire. Charged me , then mechanic told me the car was junk and it needs to much. After charging me for parts and labor. I had brought car for alignment. At a different place. Not knowing Kemls left tire pointed out, out of line. . Also not knowing that Kenps could have lined it up themselves. During alignment a bolt had to be replaced due to tire pointing out of line. . Now Kemps could have fixed it right and put tire aligned back right and finished the job completely instead of telling me the car was junk and send me on my way. Bad service Bad communication. Poor mechanics and no business edicate Service: Tires



I have been going here for a number of years but today was my last visit. It appears this is no longer run by Mrs. Kemp who took it over from her father. Things have been going down hill for a while and its clear to me this business is now run by the mechanics for the mechanics and customers are just an annoyance. You should particularly avoid their inspection station which I am finding out by talking to other professionals in the area is notorious for false failures which lead to significant repair bills. Plus you get to wait and wait and wait for them to break away from their critical business to actually do the inspection. The last two tire repairs they did had to be redone because they missed the actual problem and I had to take it back and insist that they redo it. I am reluctant to say bad things about a small local business but you really should save yourself the hassle and check out the alternatives before going to Kemp. Note on their reply: As you can see by the reaction this is not a business that knows how to deal with customers. I was neither rude nor am I lying. I never raised my voice or attacked anyone--I simply said I would not be coming back. As I suggest in the review you should check with other professionals in the area before frequenting this or any other business. Services: Steering & suspension repair, Auto engine diagnostic, Battery, Oil change, Air conditioning, Engine repair



Over the phone and on the paper was one quote - in reality they asked to pay more. Fraud and extortion. Never be back. Stay away. ___________ Just a day ago the owner of the business FINALLY posted a reply. After over a month of my original claim. I want to assure the owner of the business, or whoever is responding, that during a simple changing a tire while it is OFF the vehicle it is not POSSIBLE that : "problems can arise that take extra labor or parts not know before hand. Rusted parts, worn components associated with the repair." The old tire was picked up by the customer back. What is the extra labor, rusted parts, worn components he/she is talking about? That reply a just to whitewash and make themself s better than they are really are. No wonder why this business is rated at 3 stars consistently. Service: Tires



I went to Kemp’s service station mounting new tire on my spare. Before going there I have called them and got the quote of $21 for mounting and balancing the tire with my own valve provided. When picking up the tire I was asked to pay $25. The extra $4 was for installing the valve I have provided!!! - pulling the valve through the hole is a 1 minute job, does not require any finesse or special tools. When I asked why the valve installation charge was not mentioned in the quote , the answer was “You never asked” !?!? The purpose of the quote given is to provide the customer the whole amount to be paid after the job is completed, so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Kemp’s Service Station failed too do so. This way they defraud and extort their customers. Be aware! I just received an update from Kemp's stating that $4 was charged for Disposal of the tire. It is NOT true. I took the old tire with me. Lies and more lies from this business. I find an invoice and post it online as evidence. Service: Tires



I wouldn’t Recommend anyone go to this place for service. I brought it in for a simple inspection and failed due to tires being a little worn. I knew I would need new tires soon but they hadn’t been worn down to the factory wear line. I decided to just get them anyway since I was planning on getting them before the winter. Since then my car has been riding totally different than when I brought it in and when I brought it in again and told them What was going on they said for the mechanic to look at the car I would have to pay even though the problem started the day I got the new tires from them. When I brought it in the second time the told me that I would need to get my entire front brake assembly replaced. I didn’t have them do it and brought it to another shop. The only thing that was wrong was the caliper was hesitating coming off the rotor which was causing uneven rotor wear and warping. After 4 weeks my tires are also down 10 psi. Which my buddy who sells tires says they should stay exactly where they’re supposed to. Especially after 4 weeks if the tires were installed properly. I will never be going back again Services: Brakes, Tires



Do not go here if you want to pass inspection. This place needs to be investigated. I should have simply looked at the reviews before coming here, & stayed away. They gave me a rejection sticker for rot & then recommended I get it fixed by a specific auto body shop. I just found out today a friend of mine failed & was also referred to the same shop. They told me that a little kid is going to walk by my car and cut themselves on the rust on the bottom of my car. The “mechanic” had an awful grin as he told me “there’s a long list of things that need to be fixed”. Awful.



I started at Kemp’s on a high note after they replaced brakes on my vehicle this summer that a different service center had not done correctly. That changed this week. I made an appointment for my car to have an inspection done and an oil change. They failed the inspection yesterday morning but never called. At 4pm I called to check on the vehicle because they close at 5pm and I still hadn’t heard from them. I was told they had just pulled my car in for the oil change. Never mentioned the failed inspection that had been documented from that morning. Proceeded to charge me for a fuel cap replacement and tech time without a call as well. I brought my car to a second place to figure out what would need to be done to pass the vehicle and was told there was no reason my car should have been failed in the first place! I called back Kemp’s to explain how poorly this was handled and he told me it was my problem to call and ask if the car failed before proceeding with further work. I had called and was not informed, basic business/customer etiquette is failing here. I do not recommend.



Kemp’s service station is absolutely the best place in Pepperell and surrounding towns. The owner, Josh, has always treated me with respect and has provided quality service on all my family’s cars for two decades now. Josh has performed engine rebuild on two of my sports cars when all others were afraid to touch them. The cars are still currently running strong. It is hard to find an honest and knowledgeable mechanic like Josh, and I still bring my cars here even though I have lived 25 miles away in the past 5 years. Hands down the best place.



I brought my car to Kemp's back in November for a front-end alignment. I got a call a few hours later from one of the mechanic's informing me that I needed ball joints and it would correct the uneven wear i had on my passenger front tire. I had them replace the ball joints, $440 later. I had someone else pick the car up while I was at work. Written on the bottom of the bill was "Needs front struts and R. Lower control arm replaced to correct castor and camber issue on right front. Est $870.00" I then purchased new front struts, springs, and control arms for both sides. I also went ahead and purchased rear shocks and springs, might as well do the rear if the front had to be done. I brought the parts to Kemp's and had them installed along with another alignment. When I picked the car up this time written on the bill was "P.S. front-on alignment best that we could do." After not one but two guesses by Kemp's the car is still not correct and hundreds of dollars later the problem is still not solved. I would never recommend Kemp's to anyone. They do not stand by their word when they tell a customer what will specifically fix their car. Worst experience with a garage. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation and take your vehicles to a reputable shop that stand's by their word.


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