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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

McDonald's is located in Jackson (Tennessee state) on the street of 16 Stonebrook Pl. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1731-661-9203. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find McDonald's quickly are 35.689323, -88.856773. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about McDonald's.

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This is the most abysmal McDonald’s I’ve ever gone to. Every time I talk myself back into going I’m given another reason to never return. From orders being wrong consistently, to extensive wait times (20-40min typically) to them just not telling you that their card reader is broken until you arrive at the window after an awful wait. I have never disliked a fast food joint more. Do your self a favor and never go here.



8/18/22: Had another online order for a free ice cream cone. Waited 15+ minutes for it in parking spot 3. Rolled my window down cause I had a feeling they were going to yell at me again through the drive through window while I was patiently waiting. Girl opens the window and told me to come through the drive through so I did. Guess nobody wanted to walk the order out AGAIN. Get to the window and she tries to hand me someone else’s order and I told her we had the 2 online orders. She rolled her eyes and closed the window. They have the WORST customer service at any fast food place I’ve been. I’d rather drive to south Jackson at this point. 8/11/22: Had 2 orders that we ordered on the app. Pulled into a parking spot without a mobile order number bc they were all full. Had 2 different people come up and ask us what we ordered. Waited 20+ minutes for TWO iced coffees. The lady in the drive through window was yelling at us across the drive through lane and the customers at the window, telling us that our coffees had been ready for a while, but that nobody would bring them to us. Finally, a nicer gentleman brought them out to us, and one of them wasn’t the right size. I asked him if I could get the wrong one in the right size and he was really sweet about it. Besides the ONE nice gentleman that helped us, the customer service here is ALWAYS awful and they have no respect for their customers at all. DO NOT RECOMMEND.



It's so disappointing that the black female worker was unprofessional and ghetto. I tried to come to this McDonald's twice in one day on 8.28.22 during the afternoon and evening. Both times the same woman said that there would be a wait before she took orders. The last time, I came she start laughing and joking with another worker. Please train your workers even though the job is in fast food.



I feel as though McDonald's is slowly but surely taking a turn for the worse. I fear with a significant number of employees leaving their workplaces after the corona pandemic, the quality of service and customer care has taken a seat somewhere in the break room. The negligence of customer service will only exacerbate the rise of the robotic age in which blue collar jobs as well as many white coller jobs will enevitably be taken over by advanced machines that never take breaks, are never sick and don't call out with hangovers. People will greatly miss their employment opportunities once given, but hastily neglected, when they find themselves without.



Employees are rude and inefficient. After ordering and paying in the drive through I sat for 10 minutes waiting for my order before going inside to see what was going on. Looked like madness behind the counter. I was told that my order was lost. The manager took my order again (but thankfully I wasn’t expected to pay a second time). Looked as if the food was thrown in the bag. If you are driving north on 45W wait an extra 15 minutes and go to McDonald’s in Humboldt - no comparison between the two.



Been waiting on an online order for over 30 mins now. Have watched several customers come inside and go thru the drive thru getting in and out much quicker. Tried to ask about my order and they hung up on me



Never can get an order correct, even after driving back through asking them it fix it….it’s still wrong. The order is always wrong in a way that you get much less than you paid for. This case….paid for double quarter. Instead I get a single piece of dried out small happy meal type hamburger in a quarter pounder box. Seems like they didn’t want to cook fresh meet so they just cheated their customer instead. Tried to call the store several times….no answer



Horrible. They forgot the hashbrowns, gave us sweet tea when we ordered UNSWEET tea, and didnt even mix the caramel sauce in the ice coffee. I got pure caramel when I sipped it. :( Also, when they said that their speakers weren't working, I said they should get them fixed. All the lady at the window did was stare at me.



ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I wouldn't normally complain, but this was too much to dismiss, and they're going to make someone sick! 1.) They've been out of dr pepper for weeks.. no biggie 2.) Missing an entire combo. (We only ordered for a family of four, so this shouldn't have been hard) 3.) Called to ask for a refund and lady was super rude. 4.) Hung up with her to go attempt to eat what food we did receive, and my daughter was missing her some of her chicken nuggets! 5.) I decided to call back to inform them that I would like a refund for that tomorrow too (since they are making me drive up there tomorrow for my refund) and employee answers the phone, "What?!" Not no "thank you for calling McDonald's or anything... 5.) Hung up again and began to try and eat my meal and bit into my sandwich to find that the chicken was raw! I'm sure I'll probably have food poisoning. 5.) So now, neither my husband or myself can eat because they didn't give him his food and mine was raw. At least my kids are eating and then we realize there is a bug in her bag of apples. What a fail, McDonald's.



Cashiers were nice enough, store front decently kept. Received my breakfast items at the window but had a 17 minute wait for a Caramel Frappe'. Hope future visits won't take this long. Food was cooked properly and served hot. Frappe' wasn't much to brag about. Loosely thrown together.


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