The UPS Store in Barrington (117 S Cook St, IL 60010)

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Store offering shipping, packaging, printing & other services, plus office supplies.

The UPS Store is located in Barrington (Illinois state) on the street of 117 S Cook St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +18473041911. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find The UPS Store quickly are 42.153488, -88.134625. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about The UPS Store.

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The worst experience ever! I went to print 10 11x17 prints for work, the young man asked me what size and I told him very clearly 11x17. He proceeded to print out 24x36 and I told him that I didn't ask for that. He then tried to print the 11x17 and it took forever. He said the printer was having issues communicating with the printer. I waited patiently and stepped away to make a phone call. I looked up after my call to see him walking out and saying "later" to the other two guys in the store. Without even saying "so and so will be helping you because I have to leave". The next person was even less helpful. I was there for almost 20 minutes and left empty handed. The store smelled like a locker room, neither of the 3 employees there new what they were doing and they had no customer service skills whatsoever! They weren't rude but they may have well been. After the first employee left the second one probably only spoke 3 words to me. Literally, 3 words. I have used them to ship before but will now travel to Algonquin to do my business. Not that I did a huge amount of business there but I will never step foot in that place again.



I just stopped by to ship 8 items. The person behind the counter only listed 6 items. When I looked at the receipt, I saw only 6 items. I discussed with him there are 2 missing items, and he kept assuring me that "all are in" several times. I insisted to get a receipt for all items, and simply he did not have them. His statement led me to believe that he was gifting himself the other two items, if I did not question him. The same person, wanted to charge me $3 dollars to print UPS label. When I questioned him he charged one dollar. I do not think UPS would accept this person's conduct. May be more complaints will get someone to investigate this location.



Great job. Kevin is terrific. Everyone friendly and helpful. Also purchased peanuts and tape.



I can go many places to get rude service, why would I stop here? Had an appt for a notary this morning. Walked in right on time: “it’ll be 20-30 min.” Didn’t ask whether I had an appt., no sorry you’ll have to wait behind these people. Notary was just standing there, mine took 3 min. after I walked out and went to a currency exchange down the road. If you want friendly, respectful service, go somewhere else.



$5 to print a label(please reconsider your costs). Tom is the worst and the most unprofessional UPS worker I ever met so far. Take your business somewhere else where you can be respected for your own money



This place consistently has the least friendly service of any place ever. You are always made to feel like they are doing you a favor to take your money. Not sure if the owner is just an a@$ or if is the people he hires. Update it is getting better but still about the same



These are the most helpful shippers I've ever encountered. Their staff are the most responsive, helpful, polite people. I always prefer shipping by UPS but this store is the epitome of customer service.



Amazing customer service! If you look at the people who rate this store 1 star, they rate everything 1 star and have nothing better to do than be constantly negative. Believe the reviews of the people who took the time to talk about their experience. If you’re worried about sending something fragile, bring it to Kevin. He is a packing wizard!



I’ve been using their services for over 10years now, their expertise and friendly service is second to none. The staff is always willing to assist, and help you decide the best and most economical way to ship your stuff. By far the best store I’ve been too.



The service here is always first rate. They do a great job of packing shipments and are very convenient. The also have a large format printer which is very helpful when one needs a drawing printed at full scale. I would be very sorry if they were to leave town.


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