Here you'll find the best places in Morganton (North Carolina). We found 9 places.

Metro by T-Mobile

Went to this store. Been a customer for over 9 years. Bright in a functi phone, but with cracked screen. Ending up paying 200 dollars for a downgrade. Spent hours talking to costumer service who essential told me to go to store to resolve connection issues with phone. No roaming ability. Network operations to other mobile networks doesn't work. Areas where I normally have flawless connections now have zero connections. Essentially I spent 200 dollars as a loyal customer for not only a downgrade in phone, but one with connections on the level of an early 2000's phone. I live an hour away. I shouldn't have to go to the store. Yet here I am. If this isn't resolved, I'm fine with metro. After almost a decade with them. ~Alex

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All Strings Nylon

I have been making music for 50+ years (started young), and have bought many a guitar over the decades. I also worked in a shop during my mis-spent youth so I know both sides of the counter well. Without a doubt, buying my guitar from Chuck was one of my best experiences ever. He is patient, incredibly knowledgable, and has mad skills. The requested setup he did was spot-on, and took some work and experience to get right. In short - this really is the place to go for all strings nylon. Highest recommendation (and I'm picky)! ~Todd

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Pattersons Amish Furniture

After shopping ALL DAY at a mega furniture mall in Hickory, NC and not finding what we wanted we moseyed on over to Morganton, NC, mainly to visit our favorite brewery (Catawba). We saw Pattersons Amish Furniture close by so we checked it out. It was just minutes until they closed but the amazing lady (Joyce) working there allowed us to come in stay past closing. We ended up buying 2 dressers, 2 nightstands and a custom wardrobe (actually ordered the wardrobe by email later) sending a photo of another brand that was of poor quality for them to replicate. After receiving the dressers and nightstands I can honestly say that this was the best money I ever spent. The quality is amazing. The soft close doors are wonderful. Every aspect was beyond our expectations. While the delivery guys were bringing in the furniture it took me some time to realize that the owner (who I hadn't met in person yet) was the delivery guy. A++ Business , A++ Quality , Totally Satisfied. ~Allen

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Dollar General

This is one of my favorite places to shop. By using the store app, coupons, planning and timing a person can get really good deals on everyday items. This does make them popular and often stock will be sold out for quite a while. Heavy shopping also results in messy shelves and isles so you hunt high & low in hopes of finding what you came for. It's worth it. I highly recommend it. ~Cynthia

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