Here you'll find the best places in Kenosha (Wisconsin). We found 16 places.

Woodman's Food Market

Always my go-to place for groceries. Pretty good selection and choices but I feel line that's dwindled for some products. Staff are friendly and helpful, but they seem to be short. But rest assured they probably have more cashiers than Wal-Mart ever will. I've been impressed with their nutrition and plant-based selections, even vegan. Photo included is for anyone playing Elder Scrolls Online, enjoy your bonus if you pre-order High Isle now! ~Kieran

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United States Postal Service

We are running a business, it seems there is a high turnover of mail delivery people. If they do not have mail for me, they do NOT BOTHER stopping to see if I have outgoing mail! I have had mail sitting in my office all week, and the mailperson just walks by without checking. I am running a business, I should not have to chase you down for YOU TO DO YOUR JOB!!!! ~Scott

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Vantage Point Corp

SCAMMER! I ordered a $900 graphics card, and the tracking I received said its destination was a completely different state than my shipping address, and was shipping from IL (not WI, where this business is located). I asked for clarification, and they immediately refunded the $900 order. No explanation. No "please wait a few days." No attempts to redirect the package. But they did ask me to leave a positive review, and mention their Customer Service associate's name, which is why so many other reviews do just that. It's clear they never actually had the item to sell in the first place, and they might even be committing insurance fraud on the bogus packages they send out. ~Ryan

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