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Little Caesars Pizza in Winterville (4328 Winterville Pkwy, NC 28590)

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Carry-out chain featuring chicken wings, signature breadsticks & pizza tossed from housemade dough.

Little Caesars Pizza is located in Winterville (North Carolina state) on the street of 4328 Winterville Pkwy. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1252-353-0006. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Little Caesars Pizza quickly are 35.543066, -77.405657. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Little Caesars Pizza.

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Are the opening hours of Little Caesars Pizza up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Little Caesars Pizza is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Little Caesars Pizza listed in? How is Little Caesars Pizza rated? What is the address of Little Caesars Pizza? How to Get in Touch With Little Caesars Pizza?

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Not really sure what has happened to this place. I understand the staff shortages but even before that it was heading down hill. No such thing as "hot and ready" anymore. Most of the time they tell you pull around front and wait. My wife ordered online last night and the pizza was dried out with no sauce. My guess it was cooked at lunch or the previous day. Crazy bread no longer comes with the sauce????????



I ordered crazy bread and this is what I got. Undercooked bread and no garlic topping at all. I called the store and the manger Brittney just told me to come up and get a new one. There was no apology for the inconvenience.



Drive up and while I waited an eternity for the person in front of me at the drive thru to get their one pizza I noticed this location has a health code inspection rating of 85! Then I pull up to the window and the employee does not say a single word to me, just walks off before I can even say anything. I waited a few minutes and gave up. Not worth dealing with rude employees to get food from a dirty restaurant.



This place has multiple personalities. The food is either undercooked or perfect. Very busy or no one is there. They are very understaffed so you can only go through the drive thru to get food. So good luck going here because you never know what you will get whatever day you go. 😐



Winterville NC location June 22 this guy was working by his self and was putting out pizzas like this



Had the worst experience ever. I place my order in-app for an in-store pickup to avoid the long line in the Drive-Thru. I show up to find the door locked. I called the store and I it was explained that they have locked the lobby because there's nobody on staff. Now I have to wait in the 20 minute Drive-Thru line to get my cold pizza while my other dinner that I paid $35 for sitting here on my passenger seat getting cold.



Had to wait 30 minutes for a pizza and breadsticks I ordered online. Asked for the sauce they didn’t bring out to me(front door was locked.) waited another 5 minutes until I saw the guy inside eating and had to go through the drive through to get my sauce. Got home and the pizza isn’t stuffed crust like I ordered and I only got 3 breadsticks. Don’t waste your time going here



I love your pizzas and your price points. The only thing I don't like is the fact that you cut up my pizza in a million pieces. Can you just cut it normally like everyone else. Thanks.



Live 25 minutes away go grab pizza from here only because it’s my kids favorite that’s the only reason I drive that far because it’s the closest one. Well after a 10 minute wait and 25 minute drive home. I didn’t even get 2 cheese pizzas I got a pepperoni and pepperoni and mystery meat combination 🤢 problem is my one child doesn’t eat meat but I have two three year olds and a two year old hungry. In order for them to fix their mess up at a later time I must keep the pizza and bring it back tomorrow. So my once a week visit sometimes twice during a busy week is over. I personally don’t like the pizza anyway so it’s a win win for me



Hands down my favorite Little Caesars ever!! The employees here are great.. I can honestly say I have ordered here many many times and I've never had an issue.. their courteous the place is clean and of course the pizzas are great.. the assistant manager there missy, is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She's compassionate and caring and always has a smile on her face.. thank you to all the employees, you all are some great individuals.. just wanted to let you know you all are very much appreciated.. ,❤️


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