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CVS in Oakland (2000 Mountain Blvd, CA 94611)

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Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

CVS is located in Oakland (California state) on the street of 2000 Mountain Blvd. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +15103398535. You can get more information from their website: https://www.cvs.com/store-locator/oakland-ca-pharmacies/2000-mountain-blvd-oakland-ca-94611/storeid=9929?WT.mc_id=LS_GOOGLE_FS_9929. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find CVS quickly are 37.827324, -122.209788. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about CVS.

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Available amenities


  • Debit cards


  • Quick visit


  • Passport photos


  • Wheelchair-accessible lift
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Service options

  • Delivery
  • In-store pickup
  • In-store shopping

Health and safety

  • Customers wear masks
  • Safety dividers at checkout

Unavailable amenities

CVS doesn't have any unavailable amenities.




Are the opening hours of CVS up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? CVS is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is CVS listed in? How is CVS rated? What is the address of CVS? How to Get in Touch With CVS?

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Reviews about CVS - 10


Horrible experience at the pharmacy. Can’t even type a name in right to find a prescription.



I have never had a prescription filled here in one trip. They either don't receive the prescription from the doctor, don't fill it when they get it, or lose it somehow. This pharmacy should be blacklisted by the health system.



I’ve been coming to this pharmacy monthly for over 10 years now to pick up my family’s medications. That’s at least 120 pick ups. If not more for random illnesses and unexpected items. Have there been a few long wait times?. Sure.I mean you have sick people, insurance drama, the occasional snafu. But I’ve never had the wrong medication given, the pharmacists look out for their patients, and vast majority of time I am in and out in under 10 minutes. It’s a small store and not very fancy. But the long time people who work there really care.



Shopping at this CVS is a delight! I love that they have THE best customer service. A far cry from the Rite Aid across the street. I got my credit card stuck in the parking meter & they were happy to lend me pliers to get it out. Even volunteers to do it for me.



They seem to have cleaned things up lately, especially in terms of customer service. They have a new woman named Stephanie working there and she is such a delight. She's always smiling helping people and makes me want to keep coming back.



This is probably one of the worst CVS locations in the country. The employees walk around like zombies and it seems like they are aiming to serve customers as slowly as possible. A line of 3 people can take them 15 minutes to clear out. On top of that, everyone is a little surly and cranky. Not sure what the hell happened here.



There is never anyone at the front counter. Last time I had to wait for 15 minutes in the pharmacy line just to buy some advil because there was no other employee in the store. They also keep telling me they have not received my doctor's approval for a medication that my doctor approved two weeks ago. The guy working the pharmacy the first time I went was really friendly, so they get a star for that.



Called to ask the price of a flu shot. Was on hold for 32 min, 45 seconds during which I drove to the store, found parking, and went in. My wife called about 20 min into this, was also put on hold but her call was picked up. Conclusion, they can’t even keep straight what order the calls came in. Best of all, Matthew the manager said I was lucky it was only 30 min and that the pharmacy is separate. This is customer service?



No experience with the pharmacy. Store is on the smaller side, but overall well stocked and clean. Prices marked on all the items I was looking it (which oddly is a hard thing for many stores). I often opt to come to this CVS over my neighborhood's.



WORST PHARMACY EVER! A pharmacy is the last stop before someone who is in pain or suffering gets their relief. Pharmacists try to lobby that they are more than pill jockeys but a vending machine would be more empathetic and effective than this CVS Pharmacy. My wife's doctor called in a Rx yesterday. I called today at 7pm to see if the right prescription was sent in and they had me on hold for over 20 minutes!! I drove to the pharmacy WHILE STILL ON HOLD and watched as all 3 staff people couldn't be bothered to answer the phone. I finally hung up when I reached the counter. When she looked up the prescription it wasn't ready... almost 2 days had passed and it wasn't ready!?!? Then she told me they didn't have the med. She then tried passing the blame on me, asking me if I called the night before to see if the prescription was filled. I told her I spent the past 30 minutes on hold, and after some other words, she had the pharmacy tech look at the stock. Guess what they found.... a HUGE bottle of the med!! Yeah, she LIED THAT THEY WERE OUT OF THE MEDICATION! They don't care to answer the phone, they don't care to fill a medication, they LIE when they don't care to fill a med, then they act as if they're entitled to get paid to do nothing!


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  • This place is part of the CVS. This chain has places in other locations.

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