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Rite Aid in Oakland (1991 Mountain Blvd, CA 94611)

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Rite Aid is a leading drug store chain offering superior pharmacies, health and wellness products and services, complete photo printing, and savings and discounts through our Rite Aid Rewards loyalty program. Rite Aid’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of our communities through engaging experiences that provide our customers with the best products, services, and advice to meet their unique needs. Customers confidently choose us first for their everyday health and wellness needs because we consistently understand and exceed their expectations. Come visit Rite Aid so we can help you not just get healthy, but get thriving.

Rite Aid is located in Oakland (California state) on the street of 1991 Mountain Blvd. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +15103392215. You can get more information from their website: https://www.riteaid.com/locations/ca/oakland/1991-mountain-boulevard.html. The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Rite Aid quickly are 37.827317, -122.210518. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Rite Aid.

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Are the opening hours of Rite Aid up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Rite Aid is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Rite Aid listed in? How is Rite Aid rated? What is the address of Rite Aid? How to Get in Touch With Rite Aid?

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My husband and I had appointments to get Covid boosters this morning. We had each received three separate confirmation emails, the most recent of which we received 2 hours before our appt. When we showed up at the scheduled time, we were told they were out of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. They suggested we keep calling the pharmacy to see if they got some in (maybe later in the week) and then run in to get it. No appt necessary. I’m not sure why they made appts and why they sent confirmation if they didn’t have the vaccine and why they couldn’t have let us know before we made the trip to their store.



The woman…is she in charge of the pharmacy? She has an explosive demeanor. She approached me hysterically* and asked why I gave her tech my Member ID. I told her “I simply walked up to the window and gave her the information” you know so you can verify. She said it was already there and pointed to me to “goldrx” on a receipt stating she processed it. I even mentioned the medication being rung up higher than every other time I go and get the same thing. So did they raise the prices? “I don’t know!” Was her response among other rude toned sentences. Such a condescending manner. Startling really 😅 The tech wrote my information down correctly but the pharmacist did not even verify. I paid and left. I went back to get the member ID they used so I can compare. Sure enough they did not use the ID I provided to them. It was not my mistake the first thing I did was present them the information. I tried and asked a question and even that wasn’t welcome. I wasn’t rude at all I was pretty calm. I feel maybe customers are rude and make people working there very unhappy but when someone approached you calmly with a question….it’s not the best to just explode on them. Ultimately she made the mistake of not even reading the techs writing. Otherwise she would have caught the difference. Time wasted but also it’s just a bad experience. I got my refund and then purchased at the price it’s supposed to be. But seriously… 👁 👁 imagine if I was an elder or was not an English speaker.



Went in here for some foot powder - it’s alright. Most rite aids are kind of unkempt and this one is no exception. It’s also a little difficult to find things…I don’t know why. Just not an intuitively organized store. Anyways, one thing I really like about this place is their holiday aisle- especially during Christmas. You can find all the ubiquitous, yet nameless treats you remember from childhood here, like royal dansk cookies, and even a rite aid version(but these use palm oil instead of butter). Last, I find that there are a lot of disorganized and empty shelves, but this sort of applies to all rite aid locations I’ve been to.



Pretty poor experience overall at this pharmacy. I’ve tried to extend some grace given the current times but was met with hurried calls and rude staff. I had a prescription re-directed to this pharmacy for cost efficiencies. To my knowledge, the prescription had been canceled at the former pharmacy and confirmed that it was re-ordered by my doctor. Call #1: the associate on the phone was not familiar with iPledge (the government form used for Accutane) and says she needs to wait for the pharmacist to get in to confirm and they will give me a call back in an hour Call #2: After no call back after several hours, I waited until the evening to call back and was informed that the pharmacist was on lunch and to call back in 20. Call #3: Talk to the pharmacist and he says that the order at the previous pharmacy was not reversed and I would need to call them to ensure that it is. Call #4: After calling the previous pharmacy to confirm they “reversed” the order, I call the pharmacist here back to let him know. He says they didn’t do it properly and proceeds to give me the steps on what needs to be done. His words: “I understand you’re frustrated but I have six people standing in front of me right now, we’re understaffed and I don’t have time to be telling people how to do their job.” I truly have tried to exercise empathy in this situation given the grueling times of the healthcare industry right now and especially because this was non urgent medication, but there is still a level of professionalism and care that I expect as a customer. Similar to the other reviews here, I would not recommend this pharmacy. Also, the pharmacist here, while seemingly very knowledgeable, could use some assistance in customer service and care.



One person working at the pharmacy. Have had two prescriptions sent here in 2 weeks and both times I’ve had to come back because they weren’t ready. Been waiting for 40 minutes now and still have not been seen. Do yourself a favor and do not come here for prescription drugs. You’ll save time going to a pharmacy at a further location.



Nice store. Clean, friendly staff, good selection of items. Best pharmacy I've been to in California; no/short wait times, excellent staff, and good communication regarding when Rx will be ready and how much it will cost.



Friendly but incompetent pharmacy staff couldn't process my paperwork for a flu shot and concluded my insurance has my DOB wrong in their system. I wasted about 40 minutes here while they called my insurance, asked me again for my DOB, and called insurance again. I finally just paid $40 for it and said I'd deal with insurance later. I called insurance when I got home. They verified they have my correct DOB and after 20 minutes on the phone with them, with a hold for them to call the pharmacy, they conclude the pharmacy had my DOB wrong. Other aspects of paperwork from Rite Aid, like my address, are wrong. They also had initially put my last name as my middle name, which I didn't even write on the form but was on my insurance card. If they can't get basic info correct, do you trust them with your prescriptions?



I love this Rite Aid. Super friendly checkers, Pharmacists are friendly and fast as well. I've never had any of the problems the other reviewers describe. Security is always up front at the door. I've been going here for 20 years and love it. Heck I was there once when it was held up at gun point, and I'm still coming back. That's when they got the security.



This pharmacy appears to charge hundreds of dollars more than other pharmacies per prescription. I called my insurance to find out why and they had no answer. Additionally, if you have your prescription sent here, they won’t transfer it out elsewhere. It seems like some kind of scam they have running. They need to be investigated. But I don’t have time for causes like this. Just stay away. There’s a reason there’s never a line in their pharmacy.



Both the checkout and pharmacy staff are consistently understaffed—long lines with a single person to take customers. Extremely annoying. The worst part is, it's been this way since I was a kid more than a decade ago, despite a major remodel to the physical facility a few years ago. Makes you seriously question the competence of the higher-ups at rite-aid if they can't even hire adequate staff to take customers in a timely manner at this frequently busy store.


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