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Chain providing office & packaging supplies, plus a variety of services such as shipping & printing.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is located in Chicago (Illinois state) on the street of 106 N Carpenter St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1312-736-3302. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find FedEx Office Print & Ship Center quickly are 41.883580, -87.654016. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about FedEx Office Print & Ship Center.

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Are the opening hours of FedEx Office Print & Ship Center up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is FedEx Office Print & Ship Center listed in? How is FedEx Office Print & Ship Center rated? What is the address of FedEx Office Print & Ship Center? How to Get in Touch With FedEx Office Print & Ship Center?

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this location is always super helpful and very nice. Was here on Monday evening and even though they were busy, Sire and a lady (i cannot recall her name) but i believe was the manager truly went above and beyond to make my experience here go as smooth as possible. they even gave me some tips on how to make things go even smoother for next time. Great staff, hard workers and excellent people here! Thanks for everything!



This place has the best employees!! Lisa totally helped me out in a pinch and went above and beyond! She did it even though she didn’t have to! Quick and helpful people! Thank you Lisa and crew! You lifted my day!



Well, today I just learned that Fedex at that location doesn't do overnight shipping... like really? The most expensive shipping they have and at that location they are not doing it? I think they don't do it because I arrived there at 7:45pm which is 15 min before their closing time and the girl just didn't want to do it... My husband is in Arizona because his father passed away and he ran out of his medication that help him function without ending at the ER... I went to different Fedex location this morning to find out about overnight shipping and I've been told that if I bring the medication before 8pm then it will arrive at the destination around noon next day because the overnight packages are being taken around 8:30pm. The only reason I went to this location is because I had to pick up one last medication for my husband from pharmacy close by, and when I got to this FedEx at first the girl working here told me that the overnight shipment was already taken, which of course could happen so I asked if I send it tomorrow overnight will it arrive on Thursday, and if yes what time? On which she replied they don't do overnight shipping and it would arrive there Thursday or maybe Friday and she doesn't know when exactly. When I told her that at different location I've been told that if I do overnight shipping it will arrive next day around noon she basically told me to go there because they don't do it overe here... Well, FedEx because of this employee UPS just made $130 tonight because overnight shipping is not a problem for them at any location or at least at the location in this neighborhood.



I have been to this Print & Ship location very often recently. Adanma is always incredibly helpful. She has given me tips to add to the professionalism of my business. I will be back soon!



First time Google reviewer, here! I felt compelled to call out this FexEx specifically because of the incredible experience I had. I was looking to get a relatively complicated print job done for my wedding, and was even considering going to a custom design and print shop, but I'm so glad I didn't! The store manager at this location was the most helpful person I've ever worked with, and made a really stressful time (for me) a complete breeze. I saved time, money, and a few stress headaches by choosing this location for what I needed and will absolutely be coming back.



TL;DR: The woman at the shipping counter really did try to help and did a great job getting customers who were shipping things in and out the door efficiently, but my recommendation is that if you need something printed, go somewhere else. I normally go to the Fedex on Division when I need something printed, but was in a rush and since this is closer to my house I figured I'd try it. When I got there, there was only one person in front of me and two people working (one woman manning the counter and handling shipping and another woman in back who was in the print area). Once it was my turn, I got to the counter and said that I had sent over via email what I needed printed. She said they only had one computer working and asked the woman in the printing area if she got the email which was met with a "I'll check". I moved off to the side so that the people behind me could complete their orders and figured the woman in back would relay either directly to me or the woman at the counter whether she'd found it once she was able to check. 10 minutes later and worried they'd forgotten about me, I got back in line and once it was my turn the woman at the counter again asked the woman in printing if she found it, and she said no. I asked if she could confirm that I sent the email to the right email address -- because user error does happen!! -- and she confirmed after looking at the email on my phone that it was sent to the correct store email address but that she didn't get it, and that I should print it myself. I didn't want to sound patronizing asking her to refresh the store inbox so I asked where I need to go and what I need to do. She walked me over to the printer and said that I need to send it to the print & go email address, input the code I'd receive upon receipt, and follow the prompts on the touch screen and I should be good to go. After doing this and following the directions on the printer, it would not print to the correct format I needed. By this point I was pretty frustrated (especially because I would have been done if I had gone to my usual Fedex) so I asked the print area woman to help me. She walked over and ended up fixing it (apparently you need to go ahead and print it, have the job error out, and then select the correct format and print again) and I finally got what I needed printed. In total (looking at my Google Maps timeline) this took 30 minutes to walk in, print 4 pages, and leave.



We come to this Fedex almost everyday and everyone here simply has the best customer service! They are very friendly and helpful. Thank you for always helping us with our orders Lisa & crew!! -Your friends at Foxtrot Market Gifting Center



This might be the best FedEx location in Chicago! Staff is always helpful and willing to assist with your needs whether they be shipping or printing.



Kendall at this location saved us on a last minute print job for a conference. Late at night she took her bike and time to bring our order over after hours. Above and beyond in every way. Trust this location!



Had a phenomenal experience and highly recommend working with the team here. I was having a difficult time working with the website and Justin at the store told me to come in and he solved everything instantly and even saved me some money. Thanks so much for the help!


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