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Best Buy

I wish I could give 0. I bought two XRs two years ago and told them I need to travel internationally so I need unlocked iPhone. They said that I pay the full price and then I get the unlocked. Actually, they are selling universal version which will be automatically locked to the first SIM card. Now, I wanna change my carrier but I cannot. The carrier says I must unlock it with best buy and Best Buy says I must unlock it with the carrier. If you search this problem online, a lot of customers were cheated by Best Buy. I will never use best buy again. ~Jackson

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FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

This is one of those locations where the workers give you the evil eye and start sighing because you happen to show up with a package right when they were conversing with their coworker. Lots of sighing and rudeness for no reason other than that people seem to resent having to work for a living. I try to treat people well even when it’s not my job to. Sooo disappointing to be disrespected by someone who is actually being paid—with our dollars—to help us! ~Jenn

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