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In our listing you'll find the best places from the childrens clothing store category in Chicago, Illinois. Some of the most popular zip codes in Chicago, IL for childrens clothing store include 60607, 60643, 60603, 60602.
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I absolutely LOVE this Burlington location. This location houses some great finds. The women's clothing department needs to be expanded but does have unique pieces. The shoe department at this location used to be well replenished with very nice styles but the quality and quantity has definitely changed. The accessory section also needs help in terms of replenishment and variety. This location has heavy four traffic so if you "see" something you have been seeking you must get it then, trying to return to purchase it later is not a great choice. For those of you who may not know, they also have "lay-away." Very ideal when needing and on a budget. They carry name brand colognes for men and women too. The Home Goods carried by this location is superb and has great finds that can also be placed in lay-away. This store tends to stay clean and shoppable, never messy, that's a plus. The check at process can be daunting at times from long lines but the unique and affordable finds will compel you to simply wait your turn. Burlington also has a loyalty program that will allow for a longer return/exchange time and that's a nice perk. When you do have the time, stop by from time to time as you will find something trendy, unique and different. ~Deatria

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I haven’t been in this location since it was an Old Navy and I have to say that this is a great replacement for that store. It’s not the exact same merchandise it seems to be more of a fast fashion/H&M feel… But the price point is good and the selection is very open to many different styles which I really like. They even have quite a bit of home decor which is fun. I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re visiting Chicago or if you live here and just want some unique clothing that won’t break your bank. ~Mike

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What are the zip codes in the city of Chicago?

City Chicago has such zip codes as: 60607, 60643, 60603, 60602.

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