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Primark in Chicago (35 N State St, IL 60602)

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Discount fashion chain offering clothes and accessories for all ages, plus homewares.

Primark is located in Chicago (Illinois state) on the street of 35 N State St. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +17087337344. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Primark quickly are 41.883032, -87.627197. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Primark.

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Are the opening hours of Primark up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Primark is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Primark listed in? How is Primark rated? What is the address of Primark? How to Get in Touch With Primark?

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I haven’t been in this location since it was an Old Navy and I have to say that this is a great replacement for that store. It’s not the exact same merchandise it seems to be more of a fast fashion/H&M feel… But the price point is good and the selection is very open to many different styles which I really like. They even have quite a bit of home decor which is fun. I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re visiting Chicago or if you live here and just want some unique clothing that won’t break your bank.



Always love stopping in here whenever I'm on State Street! A lot of fun trinkets to buy, such as water bottles, candles, pens, slippers, as well as clothings. There are a lot of basic clothing items such as socks and undershirts. Staff is always friendly and helpful. The store is huge and beautiful. :)



I think the store has a lot to offer and a lot to choose from at an affordable price. I just don’t like the lady manager. When I asked her about coupon, she said that there’s no coupon at Primark, and acted as if I was doing something fraudulent.



Great prices always! I do not know if the clothing will last yet. Things are organized. This store has two different personalities. The employees went from being polite to rude after the 30 min to closing was announced. The employees at at the first floor closed fitting room didn't want to call another floor to see if their fitting room was full. They wanted me to walk up until I found one, and then the store may be closed. The cashier on the first floor would not call the third floor to bring down another pair of headphones. She explained the employees are busy closing the store. Now, I have broken headphones that I regret buying. I will return. I'll go earlier , avoid anything that uses batteries/electric, and ask for a manager if employees are impolite. This store has so much potential.



The best peace to buy European style clothing @ a discounted price. Great selection from t-shirts to full business suits.



Very good shopping experience!! Clean store, clean dressing rooms, friendly and pleasant employees with a refreshing old school customer service style, fair and reasonable prices, great selections and size options. Bring your own shopping bag. Their bags come at cost and are very thin.



Store is always clean and the staff is helpful. Everything stays organized and lines move quickly. You can find some super cute stuff here on the low.. quality of some stuff is cheap but it’s also like $5 🤷🏽‍♀️ Love the selection and the items change frequently. Be prepared to stay awhile .. 3 levels and some cool stuff on every floor.



Three floors for your to explore and find clothes & accessories for cheap. Keep in mind the quality isn’t all there of course because of the price point so after 3 washes you start to see the clothing start to fall apart. Their totes are cute and affordable. If you see something you like buy it then because they might not have it the next time you visit.



I visited the Chicago State street location to do a little shopping Saturday, February 19,2022. The prices were amazingly low! However, none of the clothing was organized. The hangers have convenient sizing on the hook. The actual item on that hook had a completely different size. I had to handle every item of clothing intimately to find my size because all the sizing tags were tucked in, and none of the hanger sizes were correct. Also I am not a small woman and finding a size large was hard for every item that caught my eye. When I went to the fitting room, it was more disaster! There was no way to properly organize and count my pieces so the poor attendant had to be a human coat hook for me. This prevented her from being able to assist anyone else while I was handing her items and counting. She was smiling and patient as if being my personal assistant was what she was paid for. Then I get back to the very small dressing rooms with very little hanger space. Keeping my items to be tried on separate from my items to be bought was aggravating. Each room had a mirror but the booths were so tiny that I had to use the common area to get an accurate look at my appearance. Having random strangers compliment me was off-putting. The cashier who rung up my items was friendly and saw to my purchasing needs (reusable bags, choice of patterns) without complaint. The staff actually seemed to be okay with the chaos and clutter. Their smiling pleasantness had a slightly calming affect on me.



Amazing three story store with ridiculously cheap prices. Some of their products are made with recycled materials. That's why you can find those extremely low prices. Also you can feel the low quality of some of the clothes. We were in Chicago for five days and got to get to this store. My wife loved it. They mostly have men's, women's and children's clothes but they have a home section as well. The first floor is women's, the second floor is accessories, shoes and children's, and the third floor is men's and home section. They have a lot of Disney brand in the store. There's wifi in the store. The staff was really friendly and helpful. The store was neat and organized.


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