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Autobell Car Wash

The staff is very polite, quick, fun, and good at what they do. Would recommend to anyone looking for a professional car cleaning service for a great price Services: Auto interior vacuuming, Car waxing, Polishing, Vacuuming ~Aitch

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This store is always understocked , the one environment is lazy .. they don’t help you bag your items and the store all together had me and my husbands head hurting all day after we shopped here ! The air was just unfiltered and me being pregnant I did not like that feeling , I won’t be shopping here anymore , I prefer public where they bag & also help you to your car especially while pregnant ~Kion

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I love eating at Wendy’s, the fried are the best in the business . But the customer service is always so horrible at the Timber dr Garner location I haven’t been in over a year. I thought I’d give it another chance, but no. Again, the entire staff was incredibly rude. Every single one of them. Every employee acts like they absolutely hate being there. I guess I didn’t say my order fast enough so I received multiple sighs, eye rolls and one lady actually snapped her fingers at me…… The food is great, but the people are just the worst. ~Laurie

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Verizon Authorized Retailer - Victra

So I went into the Garner location and I was immediately greeted by 2 employes. They were both very nice. Andrew ended up helping me out, and he was awesome! I would definitely recommend him to everyone. He was very friendly and helpful and looked for the best deal for me. He made sure that my bill wasn't astronomical. And he made sure that everything transferred over, even though my screen was shattered. Cudos Andrew! I appreciate you! ~Ammy

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