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Sam's Club Pharmacy

I am surprised and delighted to find such genuine, caring people in the pharmacy staff at a big warehouse store. Top of that list is the pharmacist, Dan Caputo. He is patient and kind, takes his time to answer any questions and is very good at communicating genuine interest in his client's well-being. ~Deena

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Hops & Grapes

Ended up getting a gift card for here a few months ago....waited for the fall pumpkin flavors to come out. Little do I know they sold the place months ago and doesn't honor gift cards. $50 thrown out the window....wouldn't even honor half of it to save my business. I won't step foot back in this place again. I hope they go under for not honoring a gift card. They said they posted it on Facebook....but unfortunately if you don't follow them then you would have never known. I have a lot of friends who shop here, so it won't be just my business they lost. I made the comment I wouldn't step foot back in the place and the woman said it's not a big deal to them. ~chris

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