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The two older European women working here followed me and my friend around yesterday morning as if we was going to steal from the store I had 465 dollars in my pocket to spend SMH profiling isn't always the answer rue 21. This review was for 3 days ago I went to get me a new dress as I do every week and immediately the ladies follow me around like I'm going to steal something but I'm there every week spending good money $100 or more you guys need to be more professional about your jobs and stay in your positions instead of trying to be in somebody's pocket I wanted to steal your stuff I would have done it already instead of purchase it you need to train your staff to do it silently and not follow people around like they're going to steal and make them uncomfortable like you do you need to tell your staff to stop profiling people because they're not always right especially profiling people that come in there every week sometimes two three times a week if this problem continues I will do everything I can to make sure your store gets shut down you make me feel low and like I need to be watched when I don't ~Brittany

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