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Family-friendly chain known for its made-to-order pizzas.

Pizza Hut is located in Mitchellville (Maryland state) on the street of 12200 Central Ave. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +13012188297. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Pizza Hut quickly are 38.901204, -76.794459. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Pizza Hut.

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Are the opening hours of Pizza Hut up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Pizza Hut is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Pizza Hut listed in? How is Pizza Hut rated? What is the address of Pizza Hut? How to Get in Touch With Pizza Hut?

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This particular pizza hut has come up since the pandemic. They hired 2 new managers who actually care about customer service. Things are better there.



Glad to see this location is still open. They are pretty consistent and the food is good. If calling in an order and it happens to go to the call center for some reason the call center rings up some items differently than in the store. Some items ordered instore or speaking directly to someone at the store have a lower price. Beware of price jumps when ordering from the call center



The staff have bad attitudes… the pizza did not show up I had to go pick it up they didn’t tell me my pizza was not going to be delivered after paying for delivery and tip. so after an hour I was told the food was still in the back and never picked up and I had to go pick up my own food. the staff was annoyed when I said my food was cold, then the young lady said you have no idea what’s going on in here. I don’t care I called at 9 you could have said we have no one to deliver your food.



They Could not find my order even though I got my text that it was ready. Then another hour and z half to make and re-deliver. Then it was burned and missing the topping I paid for. Worst thing the manager lied that he was the person I was speaking to. When I called to check why was it taking so long



Greetings Google family and friends you guys know me I'm always leaving reviews on all it flopped over the pizza was stole sad the food and places I go today I want to talk about Pizza Hut now I love Pizza Hut personally I'm a Muslim and typically I just get me some beef with some olives banana peppers hopefully one day Pizza Hut will offer beef pep as Muslim sisters and brothers can order pepperoni pizza from them too but until then hey beef it is with veggies so I ordered a stuffed crust pizza on last night the stuff Christ itself was good but the bottom of the pizza with all of the ingredients where was horrible the pizza was so thin that all of the ingredients in the sauce soak through the pizza so when you lift up the pizza from one end it looked



First, you call to speak with someone and end up talking to an AI. The AI transfers you to a number no one is answering whatsoever. As you can see from the photo, this is what I got from this location. It was supposed to be a Dinner Box with a Supreme and Meatlovers pizzas w/ breadsticks and chicken. If this is what Pizza Hit breadsticks actually are, this is a wakeup call. Neither pizza was done at all...they were both slab of dough topped with cold toppings. The Supreme was missing from the photo because we had to place it in the oven. Even afterwards, it tasted worse than it looked. Dont bother with this location, absolute trash.



Placed an order at 5:30 pm and it never showed up. Went to the location at 7:40 and my pizza is still there. Cold. 10 to 15 people standing outside waiting and wanting to complain. Asked for a refund for the delivery fee and tip I already paid and was denied. Was also denied a replacement for my cold pizza and wings. Worst experience ever. Please don't give them the satisfaction of making your pizza. So many mom and pop places with better service and sometimes better pizza. I wish this place would go out of business already



When trying to contact the store I got connected to customer service representative for the store. Then once I got contacted with customer service they consistently put me on hold and disconnected for approximately 5 to 8 times my order was placed at approximately 4:00 p.m. and was attempting to contact them after 5:30 p.m. the wait time changed due to representative inform me of the wait time being approximately 200 minutes when I place my order it was only 25 to 30 minutes the customer service contact device failed to assist me with any type of reassurance or any type of refund regardless my order they advised that all they can do is send messages and contact the store which is no help to my problem for my order I canceled my order and failed to receive it order was never delivered nor rather received.



The customer service was good! The young lady was very pleasant and nice. However, the pizza was horrible! Once we got home our pizza was dripping with sauce. No cheese. It’s like they threw the toppings on the pizza with no cheese! Normally this Pizza Hut is pretty decent. Not sure who was cooking that day or if they were just swamp with orders.



Pizza came room temperature not hot at all manager Thomas was very rude and I had to go back and forth with him just to give me credit to get another pizza. I ordered delivery and he told me I couldn’t get a refund or credit unless I bring it back to the store from the beginning until we went back and forth for five minutes then he allowed me to get it. That’s very unprofessional of him I would’ve rated it a 0 if I could because food and service was bad! And I hate to have to be portrayed as a liar when something is wrong with my food. Don’t order here! I gave this place the benefit of the doubt because I ordered last week too and they had to make me another pizza and deliverer because I waited an hour and half for my pizza after it said delivering and didn’t get it. I be live less than 10 minutes from here.


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