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Fitness500 Club in Barnstable (540 Main St # 3, MA 02601)

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Fitness500 Club is located in Barnstable (Massachusetts state) on the street of 540 Main St # 3. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +15088154520. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find Fitness500 Club quickly are 41.651255, -70.289524. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about Fitness500 Club.

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Are the opening hours of Fitness500 Club up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? Fitness500 Club is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is Fitness500 Club listed in? How is Fitness500 Club rated? What is the address of Fitness500 Club? How to Get in Touch With Fitness500 Club?

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They don't care about customer, new staff are very friendly is not they fault, but the manager is never on the location to fix problems , especially when you want to cancer you membership . They don't care about complaints , don't recommend this place no more, I being member for 6 years and now they still charged my credit card and they can't stop my automatic recharges worst system.



A very well equipped gym, very friendly staff and courteous members. Definitely my choice of gym to go to when in the area hands down.



We moved out of Cape Cod in March 2020 during the height of COVID when all of the gyms were closed. We called to cancel then. Then called multiple months after and the membership was still not canceled. This has been MULTIPLE phone calls over the last two years. So now they have taken over $500 from us when we do not even live there.



Overpriced gym, no towel service, no soap in showers, steam room indefinitely out of service. I tried the gym once and realized how poorly ran it was and the didn’t want to refund my membership. Front desk has terrible customer service.



There is zero integrity from the front desk up. Waited over a week for my money to be returned that should never have been taken out. Was told let’s do the paperwork tomorrow you can not be billed with out a card and signature, well next day I told them I would not be joining and the day after that my card was charged. Called them The manager said he would credit my account he credit my Fitness 500 account not my debit card account, waited a few more days called again spoke with desk, manager left message on my phone I went over after work he explained he made a mistake. And now it will be returned in four payments, And he said he mailed me a receipt NEVER RECEIVED ONE but I did get my reminders for the 2 months prior that I scheduled an appointment…same email address. Got tired of waiting called the gym a week later and wanted a call from the owner who is there all the time his family works the desk…the desk person gave the message to the manager who I explained that I did not want to speak to him I want my money back on my debit card today. So who cslls ,,,the manager that does not know how to do anything except smile and have zero integrity and he then told me the owner was on vacation. ( do you think I believe this man’s story)I told him to put my money on my credit card now and to send me a receipt like you said you would days earlier. I do not recommend this club. The b/s does not fly. And I’m still waiting for my money at this time.



Got banned with no explanation. “This membership may be cancelled by Management at any time with or without cause. (Fitness 500 Club is independently owned and operated).” Management canceled my membership around the new year since since the club gets busy with resolutioners. Don’t want the “regulars” or people getting their money’s worth taking up too much space. Don’t trust any reviews from spring 2021, they offered a discount for a good review. Truth is they don’t care about customers and are only looking for clients who buy memberships but never use them. Very unprofessional



Worst management I've ever seen in a gym. The owner is the grouchiest man who talks behind every employee and member's back, but when it's time to purchase a membership he'll put on the fakest smile and charm. All he cares about is money, this "franchise" wont go very far if you don't put your customers first



Best gym I have ever been to! Always kept clean and organized, very spacious with lots of different equipment. My personal favorite is the functional fitness room with the indoor turf, a lot of creative exercises can be done in that area. The people that work there is what really makes the gym a great place though! Incredibly kind, energetic, encouraging and considerate. They truly are enthusiastic and believe in keeping a healthy lifestyle!



The best gym on the Cape. The staff are really nice and always welcoming. They have a 1-week membership, which is convenient for me. The place is very well-equipped — I never have to wait for any machines or free weights. The dumbbells go up to 120 lbs too, which is a plus. The overall set up of the place is well-organized and very clean. They have plenty of wet wipes and cleaning supplies. Moreover, all of the benches look like they were just upgraded with new material. Most of the members also seem pretty serious about fitness, so it provides for a nice atmosphere for working out.



This is hands down the best gym on Cape. Staff are nice, attentive, and always available for questions. The gym itself is spacious, always cleaned to perfection, and offers a wonderful assortment of well-kept workout machines, free-weights, and everything in between. I always look forward to working out here! Thanks Fitness500 team!


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