McDonald's in Greenville (2200 Augusta Rd, SC 29605)

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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

McDonald's is located in Greenville (South Carolina state) on the street of 2200 Augusta Rd. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1864-233-0686. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find McDonald's quickly are 34.823698, -82.393694. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about McDonald's.

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Are the opening hours of McDonald's up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? McDonald's is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is McDonald's listed in? How is McDonald's rated? What is the address of McDonald's? How to Get in Touch With McDonald's?

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I wish I could give NO STARS! Their food and customer service is PATHETIC!!! Very sad that in today’s time people spend their hard earnings, along with supporting businesses to stay opened locally to have this type of treatment. I hope you all get shut down or hire new staff



I went through drive thru at 11:10am so I was thinking I would get fresh lunch considering they just switched to lunch. I sat at the second window in drive thru for 5 minutes without being acknowledged even though 3 employees walked by me. I ordered a McChicken and a mcdouble. The chicken was cold and hard as a brick. I tried to call to talk To the manager but for some reason they don't like to answer the phone. Worst experience ever tasted like trash!!!!



I went in today to get a small snack. The wait at the drive through is usually long so I went inside and ordered at the kiosk. The dining area was clean and nice I liked the renovations. The wait for my food was longer than I expected for such a small order. People at the drive thru were probably having to wait a long time too. Tried to ask a question or two was ignored at first then finally got an answer to one of them. AnywayPart of it ywas a cup of water well when it was given to me it had a small black object floating in it at the bottom. So I asked for another cup of water, waited a few minutes the lady asked someone is that other water ready, another was given to me and it had light brown crumb like objects floating in it at the bottom. I tried to tell them about it too and was ignored so I left because It was just 19 cents for dirty water. I went elsewhere to get water had to spend $3 on it but it was clean bc it was bottled water. I got to the place I was headed (less than 3min away from McDonald’s) I parked and get ready to enjoy my apple slices and nuggets, we’ll my 4piece nuggets looked like yesterday nuggets never seen McDonald’s nuggets look like that before esp at this location even when the service at the drive thru is bad. I didn’t feel like wasting gas going back and figured I’d get ignored again and no one answered when I called so I thought I’d just do a review. I wasted my money and could only eat the apple slices. Yay me.



Bad service I ordered my burger the second my ticket printed the lady sat a bag on the counter and called my number, there is no way my berger was fresh probably been sitting there all day it was cold and gross!



This place is a nightmare if you're going to the drive through. Expect to wait for 5 to 10min even if you're the only one there! I don't know if they are short staffed or what, but I'm done giving this establishment a chance (this has happened the last three visits) and I'll be avoiding this McDonald's with my family from now on.



Best McDonald's around. Clean restaurant, excrement customer service, order is always correct now and the food is fresh.



The lady at the front was amazing! She was super friendly and even fixed the order when I made a mistake ordering. Overall, the lady at the front made this the best McDonald's experience I have had in a long time



Ice cream, shake and frozen drink machine were all out of service. I saw a meme today that said McDonald's should fly a flag at half staff so people know when these machines are out of order......I agree....I get irritated when I take the time to go thru the drivethru and these items are not available because they are the only reason I even visit McDonald's anymore



This is my second time I have visited this store. Both times there were long waits in drive thru and my order was incorrect. The staff was short tempered and surly. With prices increasing everywhere, customer service is the only way to stay ahead in this market in my opinion. I think this is true for this store. Most McDonald's I go to have adequate traffic for their area. Not this one! It's on a busy road and has plenty of traffic with homes, apartments, and local shops. But this store always looks empty. 👎 . Do yourself a favor and drive the 10 min to another store. It will be worth it.



The lady taking orders at the drive thru isn't pleasant. Who ever made my filet o fish needs to practice their aiming. Super sloppy and messy.


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