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Store offering shipping, packaging, printing & other services, plus office supplies.

The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting is located in Tucson (Arizona state) on the street of 31 N 6th Ave Ste 105. If you want to ask about something we recommend contacting this place by phone. The Phone number is +1520-347-3508. You can get more information from their website: The coordinates that you can use in navigation applications to get to find The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting quickly are 32.222465, -110.968893. Scroll down to find out opening hours, reviews and other important information about The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting.

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Are the opening hours of The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting up to date? Is the place part of a chain store? The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting is my place. Can I manage it? What categories is The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting listed in? How is The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting rated? What is the address of The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting? How to Get in Touch With The UPS Store - Notary - Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting?

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Employees don't know what they do and don't offer here. Parking is horrible since it's downtown. Don't waste your time at this location. Update after store response: your associate told us she couldn't answer our questions over the phone, so when we did come in she was rather rude and snarky, telling us that you are not a real ups store but a privately owned store that does not do what other corporate held stores do. So I am recommending that customers of ups go to a store that does all the services expected from a ups store. And, yes, I agree that you and your associates should act like professionals. Since you decided to take the low road, I have lowered my star rating to 1 star.



This UPS Store is excellent. The staff is friendly and very professional. Great location. As a central Tucson resident, this store is my "go-to". Nowhere else for me. It is a really well-run place. I do very few reviews... but I do for UPS Store 6850. That should mean something. Be patient with parking. Worth it.



Avoid this location if you want any kind of customer service. For previous employers and my current small business I’ve shipped A LOT of merchandise/samples etc. This location is obviously trying to save money by not providing receipts at drop off. This is a simple request when you drop something off to get it shipped. (I’ve had employers demand a receipt in the past to ensure that a product was dropped off). On this last visit I assumed that shipping pouches would be available (printed my labels at home and ran out of pouches). I needed 2. Come to find out they don’t “offer them to the public”. This is laughable because you can request FREE POUCHES IN PACKS OF 50 to be sent to you! Which I did order when I realized I was out. But they don’t have any at the store??? Fine, I’ll just tape my shipping labels on. The woman behind the counter said while I was still waiting in the very long line “am I SUPPOSED to tape the labels on”. Relax lady I didn’t say anything yet. So I said while there were still people in front of me “oh I thought maybe I you had some shipping tape to spare?” She said “we have some for sale”. Totally fine but I literally didin’t do anything and here’s this lady being passive aggressively rude to me…. so far nothing was making sense here - crazy town lol So I bought some tape taped them myself and she was fake nice - maybe she felt bad for being rude? Either way I’ve been to DOZENS of UPS locations many a time and this place is just messed up. So yeah don’t come here. You can also schedule pick ups from he drivers and have things sent to you. UPS is fine, this location is WHACK. They get a star because there was a cute doggo running around the store *** UPDATE**** 1) Responding because the owner response is nothing short of being completely BANANAS. Yikes. 2) I’ve been to this location twice. I really don’t appreciate you saying I’ve been there several times asking for free supplies (???). That is a blatant lie, rude, and defamatory. I ask for an apology for that and we can part ways amicably. Extending the olive branch here. 3) I did buy the tape, not a big deal, I even said in my original post regarding the tape-buying situation “totally fine”. 4) To reiterate so this might actually be helpful to someone, you can order free shipping supplies like pouches on the UPS website. You can get up to 50 at a time, they’ll be shipped to you :) 5) PSA: Reading comprehension is important kids, stay in school. Oh so is honesty- honesty and reading, those two things. I hope this puts an end to this very strange- insulting- but mostly strange situation. 😵‍💫



I had an expensive Apple computer worth over $3k shipped to this store for pickup. I received a notification from UPS that my package was ready for pickup. When I went to this store to pick it up, the worker behind the counter (Merry, whom I later learned was the store manager) was extremely rude and told me my package was not there and had never been there. I left and filed a lost-package claim with both UPS and Apple. While I was on the phone with Apple, the package (that she told me had never been there) was marked as “Picked Up” from the store! I went back to the store and was again informed the package was never there. Later that day, I got a phone call from Merry: she said the package apparently *had* been there, but was picked up by someone I apparently authorized to pick it up for me. I never authorized anyone else to pick it up for me, and was given a letter with my (forged) signature as proof that I had. (The attached photo is the letter they showed me as “proof” that I authorized someone else to pick it up. That is not my signature, that is not my driver’s license, and the notary official whose stamp appears on the form is not a real notary and doesn’t appear in the county database.) I’m not sure what happened. First the computer was there, then it was never there, then it *was* there but picked up on my behalf by someone using a forgery of my signature. Either way, $3k worth of computer equipment that I needed for my small business simply…disappeared into thin air, thanks to this store and UPS. Reading other reviews here, it seems I’m not the only one this has happened to with this particular store. By the way, UPS corporate themselves were extremely unhelpful. They refused to believe I had not picked up the package myself. Thankfully Apple took mercy on me and refunded my money for the missing computer. But due to the worldwide COVID supply-chain issues, it took another month for me to replace the missing computer, and like I said, I needed it for my small business. I would avoid having anything of value shipped to this store at all costs.



i normally have a good experience but today the red head behind the counter must’ve had the absolute worst day ever or something because that would be the only way i’d Maybe be okay with the way she talked to me. If you work customer service you should probably at least pretend to smile. Every other word out of her mouth is condescending and she would rather get you out of there fast so she doesn’t have to deal with working than actually do a good job. Unfortunately i will have to keep going back but i’d prefer if absolutely anyone at all was working there other than her edit- i absolutely did not care about whether or not I had to by a box. It wasn’t my money so I wouldn’t have minded either way. Had you explained that I needed to buy a box instead of straight up saying I was doing something wrong then we would’ve had a better understanding. I will continue to go to this location as it’s convenient and the closest to me considering I cannot drive due to ptsd.



All staff at this UPS store are friendly and helpful, and the store offers an excellent array of services. Over the years I have been very pleased with the service I’ve received on all types of shipping needs and other resources they provide.



WARNING - the owner of this store, Merry, has been using my cell phone number as her own for personal use. You will have your personal information stolen and used by Merry if you come to this “business”. She’s a veteran with no integrity



Like most of the reviews here that are actually real it's a place you should avoid if you need to ship something with any value. They are Eco friendly which is code for "we are cheap and don't want to pay for a printer and ink". Don't expect a receipt for proof of drop off. And expect them to be smug about it. What's ironic is they are a UPS store, UPS is about the least Eco friendly concept ever. If you wanna help the environment put a donation jar or charge extra and donate your proceeds to plant a tree or something.



DO NOT USE THIS SHIPPER OR UPS!!! If I could give 0 stars I would! Merry (owner) has the worst customer service that I have come across in a long time. The overseas UPS operator who has nothing to gain offered me 10 times better service, Merry’s in store associate offered better service by far! As an owner of two businesses, if Merry worked in either business I would fire her. She understood I needed my package to my son in college by Thursday which didn’t happen. She then lied and said there is nothing she can do after the package was changed to customer pick up, the operator was able to change to delivery. Operator actually told me the UPS Sender can request this change. I even attempted to settle with having my son pick up the package and when I asked her what HUB in Memphis it was sent to she said “I don’t know, your son can Google it” I NEVER write reviews, check my history. So this should tell you how bad her service is. Extremely arrogant and zero empathy. Read her responses in her other 1 star reviews, she’s even rude on those. Do better! My response to owners response: You were definitely there when I shipped, the ticket has your name on it. Bottom line you didn’t do everything you could to satisfy your customer. I paid $35 to ship plus $10 for a $1.50 box from your store. I didn’t have a problem with that as long as you fulfilled your part of the deal. Which you didn’t. Take ownership of your lack of empathy and bad customer service. I have a feeling you’ll be responding to a lot of these reviews. How about you spend the time you take to responding to these reviews and fix the problem. Your arrogant attitude is shameful!



I love this location! Merry and crew are very nice and pleasant. I've used this location quite a bit for Amazon returns, and I'm so glad Amazon and UPS started the "QR code drop-off program." It takes me less than 60s to do such a return like this. I've also used a bit of other services here before. It's conveniently located in downtown as well for quick access. Highly recommend this location for shipping services !


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